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Got some questions you would like to ask Shannen? This is the place to post them! Shannen will answer as many as she can. She will also posting in this section with news on her career. Please read the rules before posting your question. Thank you.

message for shannen

Postby kissofdarkness » Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:19 am

dear shannon. i'm a huge fan. i just wanted to say hello and ask how youre doing!!!! my name is natasha... Image i really love your acting. expecially your character on charmed. my mom thinks you were the best!!! Image. i live in malaysia and me and my friend have watched charmed like a million times. don't worry were no one of those crazy fans. though my friend would probably flip out when she figures out that i wrote to you. lol Image . we still watch charmed when we feel like it. it never gets boring... Image i just anted to say thank you and i hope ou will reply!!!! we are all so proud of you..

love tasha
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message for shannen

Postby xoxoslacxoxo » Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:42 am

Dear shannen

ADOPT me please. i'm a huge fan of you. your my role model and i want to be like you. i would love to be your sister. i have no siblings and only a mom so i think it would be fun. I think your gorgeous i hope that when i grow up (i'm 15) that i can look pretty just like you. but i would need to get green contacts since i have dark brown eyes and dark hair. my name is laura. I hope that one day i can meet you it would be a dream come true. i know your busy and i know the rules but when your not busy maybe can we email each other one day? my email is I love you and thank you for being amazing
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