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Across the ocean: hi Shannen!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:24 pm
by Kindergarten-Sandy
Hi Shannen!
Best wishes across the ocean from Germany:-) I' m following your work for 24 years now.
So after all this years,it's time to tell you: you do a great job !
It's a pitty that I do not have the chance very often, to see something of your latest work here
on german TV,but I try by use of the internet. After all these years and great movies or tv-series,
I still hope to see you "live" some day...:-)
I think this week was your wedding anniversary,right? So my best wishes for you and Kurt. May your
dreams come true and there be many years of love,luck,joy and happiness!!
In my leisure time,I enjoy to do some paintings. So I like to answer:
are you interested in art ? And what do you in leisure time? I hope, this question isn't too much private. If it is- I'm sorry then and take back the question!
Best wishes,