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Charmed On PickT.V.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:48 pm
by PrudenceGemini
Okay so as some of you brits out there may know they've started airing Charmed episodes on channel 11 (Pick T.V.) At 5pm & then a repeat at 11am.

Well they've really irritated me with that, I love the fact they're putting Charmed back on tv so the people without Sky & Sky+ can watch it but the things they find offensive are ridiculous! I understand them editing out the word 'B*tch' & 'Screw' but in the episode 'The Fourth Sister' they edited out the phrase 'Gay & Lesbian'.

Seriously? Is that friggin offensive?! Its not even offensive at 11am let alone 5pm :x sorry to post this but this really irritated me. I'm very tempted to email those people at the tv station to tell them what I think.