Beverly hills 90210 again (part 2)

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Beverly hills 90210 again (part 2)

Postby Prudence#1 » Sat Jul 10, 2004 11:39 am

Now the gang is very realived and happy that Brenda waked up. Kelly started to thinking when she talked to Dylan about Brenda (Flashbacks)

Kelly: How could this happend to her? I always sad to her when i talk to her in the phone that she going to take it easy she is so stressed when she has 2 performance at nigth in one week.

Dylan: Bren will be fine we know her she is a strong and she hold on. Brenda is stobbern and that is what make her hold on. Bren will not leave ous. She wont, she cant. OMG what if she die she cant leave ous i cant imagine a life without Brenda in it .

Kelly: I know neither can i. But the thing we can do know is to pray and hope she will be okey. And talk to her and give her our lobve that is what we can do.

Dylan: yeah you are right. Im so sorry but im just so sad thinking that Brenda is here on a hostpital in a coma. I could never imagine that the next time i would meet her was in a hostpital.

Now back to present time. Brandon sitting in Brendas room with Belinda. Brenda is a sleep. Dylan walks in to the room.

Dylan: Hey! B. Go and drink coffe or something i stay with Brenda.

Brandon: I dont know if i can leave her.

Dylan: Brandon please i need to talk to Brenda alone when she wake up. And besides you have been her all night. Go and get some rest.

Brandon: Okey! i guess i can take a little napp but wake me upp when you finsied talking to her would you.

Dylan: Yeah i will now go

Brandon: Okey! Belinda are you coming.

Belinda: Okey uncle Brandon i can need some sleep.

Dylan: Belinda

Belinda Yeah?

Dylan: cant you stay with me for a while. I mean she is your mother. And plus i want to talk to you.

Belinda Imagekey! i stay.

Dylan: How are you Belinda? Its been a while sense i last saw you.

Belinda: Im fine now when mom has waked up. Are you kiding me it been a while. it has go teen years daddy. Then years sense you leaved me and mom. I was five then. Why did you leave ous daddy? why? Not a days go bye without me thinking of you and hopping that you will call and ask how im doing our pay a visit on my birthday. But you never did why? why hasnt you told anyone that you have a daugther?

Dylan: Im sorry! Im thinking off you and your mom every day. And wonder how you doing. I dont know why i havnt told anyone about you. Im not ashemd of you but i guess now one would belive me if i told them about you. I couldn stay you knowed that i loved you and your mom more than anything i guess that i was afraid off being a parent i dont know how to be one. But i do love you and your mom i always has and i always will.

Belinda: But that dosnt make it okey. You dont know how to be a father. You of any people should now how it is to be without one of your parent. I cant belive how i was willing to give you a second chans. I love you daddy but i have really hard to belive that you love me and mom beacuse you leaved me. I have to go i cant stay in the same room with someone that dosnt want to have anything to do with me. Goodbye mom i be back later. Goodbye daddy. ( She say with a anger in her voice.)

Brenda has waked up

Dylan: Belinda please wait. Dont go.

Brenda: Dylan let her go she needs to be alone. She love you. But she is tired and upset about seeing you again. Just give her time she will come to you someday.

Dylan: Hey! Brenda im so happy to see you. I hope your not mad at me for beeing here.

Brenda: Im not why should i bee mad at you. I forgett it i moved on i cant be mad at you forever. But you have to understand Belinda she hasnt see our talked to you in 10 years of course she is mad but she will not bee that forever. I know she love you. Im happy that you all camed it nice to see you again.

Dylan: Its nice to see you to.

Kelly and Donna walks in to the room ...

To be continued

I will whright the 3Image part later. I have not time right now but the 3Image part will come today our tomorrow.
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