The fight for Prue

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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:08 pm

Standing in the Great Hall, Grams pushed with all her might. You wont win, the Charmed Ones will help me and then you'll be sorry you ever came near us.

You can't win Penny, you will surrender too evil once you see how powerful you can become. There is so much more to do when you're fully evil, no one too stop you from doing what you want.

Oh you are joking, if you think that I will turn evil. I will find a way of beating you, and once I have you better know some great hiding places.

Listening on the outside Odin wondered who she was talking to, knowing that nothing could get in or out he came to the conclusion that she was possessed.

Just the way I like you, all fiesty and up for a challenge. The Great Penny Halliwell, I never got to cross spells and other things with you. Now I have, I can't tell you what an honour it is.

Oh enough of the flattery, it does nothing for me. I've had four husbands, raised 3 girls and done a million other things in my life. So don't think you can smarm your way out of being killed.

I wouldn't it will be such a pleasure killing you that's all.
As for Prue.

You touch one hair on Prue's head, you will wish you had never been released. I know who you are Zankou, I've studied your methods and how the source put you away.

How did you know it was me?

Easy, you gave yourself away. By possessing me you brought with you, your personality. You have been out of circulation for so long, you forgot a simple thing like that.

Odin rushed away from the door, running straight into Gideon. His words fell over themselves, as he tried to explain what was going on in the great hall.

"Slow down Odin, what is going on?"

"It's Penny, she's talking to Zankou in the great hall."

"Did you hear them talking? What did they say?"

"I only heard her side of the conversation, she said Zankou. If he's out then we're in serious trouble."

"This is serious, but we're not in trouble. It means we were right, she is possessed, did you hear anything else?"

"Just that he will kill the Charmed Ones, and then Penny. She replied he's going to wish he never got released."

"Good, that's good news. We need to tell the Charmed Ones, and get Prue back right now."

"I'll go make sure Cole has Prue, then her sisters can call her powers to her."

Zankou introduced himself as Mike, laughing at his jokes she wished he'd leave her alone. Making an excuse she went to leave, placing his hand on her arm he asked if they could meet for a drink.

"I said excuse me, it was nice meeting you but I'm rather busy."

Walking off he got up to follow her, bumping into Cole he apologised immediately. Picking up her folder, he handed it to her.

"Um, this is strange. But do I know you?"

"Don't know unless you've needed a lawyer before?"

Smiling she thanked him again and started to walk away, turning she asked his name.

"Cole, Cole Turner. And you are?"

"Prue Hitchcock."

"Do you mind if I ask what you do?"

"Sure, I work for Buckland Auctioneers. I'm on my day off, are you sure we haven't met before?"

"I love that place, I've decorated my apartment from there. Tell you what, if you come for a coffee with me I'll see if I can't help you remember if we've met."

Laughing they walked off, Zankou was angry that he had been brushed off. He couldn't see who had got her attention, but he wasn't going to be put off so easily.

Opening the door they walked into her favourite coffee shop, ordering for them they took a seat near a window.

"Nice place, I like their little library off to the side."

"It has some wonderful books, so now we know who each of us is. Why do I get the sense you know more about me than I do about you?"

Looking at the table top, he noticed the book she'd borrowed from the mansion, pulling it out he asked if she knew anything about demons.

"That's what the butler at the mansion, Mark Sanders asked me the other day. What is it with demons and angels?"

"Do you feel you should know something about them?"

"Are you telling me I should?"

"Prue, what I need to tell you; needs to be said in private. Would you mind if we moved this to my office?"

"Sure if you can enlighten me as to why I should know anything about demons."

Pulling up in his car port, he shimmered in and out, screaming she bolted from the car. Shimmering in front of her he held her, pushing and screaming she fought to get him off.

"Prue, it's ok. You do know me, I'm half demon and half human, I had to fight every little thing to get you too trust me."

"I don't care who you are, just get away from me. I'm calling the police."

"Two things, no signal in here and second they wont believe you."

"Yes they will, Andy will be back soon he can will believe me."

"Andy's dead, killed by a demon two years ago. I know this is alot to take in, but you need to remember."

"He's not dead, he's on holiday. Remember what?"

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The fight for Prue

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:47 pm

Cole you idiot, way to go scaring her, But great you saved her from Zankou. I thought he was possesing Penny, well ok not him in particular, but some demon.Cole needs to shimmer her home now. And have Leo memory dust her. lol
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:19 pm

Not taking the magical route for this, it's gonna be fun for Cole to help Prue.
As for Zankou, remember he's alot stronger and smarter (so he thinks) than the other demons. So can possess and walk around at the same time.
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Mon Jul 14, 2008 10:39 pm

Josh lay on the floor of the lounge, breathing heavily. It had been 4 days since he'd allowed Prue to leave, while his guest was in the dining room looking for some drink.

Mark had got away as well, he just hoped that he could get some help soon or he'd be dead.

"You wont be dead, but you do so disappoint me. My boss wants you in the underworld, but he's away still. So I can do what I want, and he wont know as long as you don't die. You wont die will you?"

"Only if you hit me again."

"Hello Mr Jacobson, you ok?" Piper and her sisters stood behind the demon.

Turning around he threw a fire/electricity ball at the girls, Paige turned it back on him. Shimmering out and behind them, he plunged an athame in Phoebe's back.

Piper threw her hands, it was enough to send him flying but not too blow him apart. Screaming she flew to Phoebe, just as Gideon orbed in standing between the girls and the demon.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Gideon, older than you you used to be, didn't think that elders got OLD."

"I was younger then, and less experienced. You won then, but it wont be so easy this time. Piper, stop crying Phoebe is fine. Paige take Piper home I'll see you there later."

"More like mourning his demise." Throwing a bigger ball of black, Gideon deflected it with ease.
Throwing lightening from his hands, he hit the demon square in the chest.

Paige not being asked twice, orbed them back to the manor. Phoebe sat with Josh, Leo and Mark, throwing herself into her sisters arms as the men smiled.

"Where's Gideon?" Leo looked concerned.

"He's back at the mansion fighting, if it wasn't for him we'd have been hard up."

"He fought him before, he was lucky that time. This time both have gained more power. I better go help him."

Piper agreed, he orbed out as the girls headed for the kitchen. While Phoebe brewed the camomile they sat at the table, talking with Mark and Josh.

"Will they be alright?"

"Yes Josh, they will be fine. They are what we call whitelighters, they were humans at one point. They gave their lives saving others, when they went over they were allowed too choose."

"To be a whitelighter, wow!" he ran his hand through his hair.

"You don't seem so shocked, as most people are when they find out who we are. I was scared witless, when I found out that I was a witch. Too see things that I never thought existed."

Josh smiled at Paige, "It was a shock when that demon came to me, I was naive and gullible. You have another sister, I met her Prue Hitchcock."

"At least she kept the H part, how was she?" Piper leaned forward eagerly.

"I allowed her to leave, Mark had found the underground tunnel years ago so he used that. I didn't mind if I died, it was the torture that was getting to me. Hours on end he'd leave me alone, then he'd change it to minutes and back again."

"I can't thank you enough for saving me, I hope they are going to come home safely."

Back at the mansion Leo and Odin had orbed in at the same time. Dodging the balls of electricity and fire, they joined Gideon in fighting.

All of a sudden the demon went up in flames, looking at each other. Gideon waved his arm and everything was placed as though there had been no fight.

Orbing into the manor Gideon and Leo were hugged, Phoebe threw her arms around him and thanked him for saving her life. Piper and Leo kissed deeply, Josh hugged Paige.

"What was that for?"

"For being you, you're just as important as any of your sisters. You will learn this over time, just don't rush things. Would you mind if I asked you out for dinner?"

"Sure, how about tomorrow at 7?"

Smiling, Piper asked what happened; Leo suggested they talk over food. Gideon waved his hand and a feast was laid on the table.

"Saves you from cooking after the day you've had, Leo you have a few days off. Stay and enjoy the time with your wife, it's ok only an emergency will break your rest."
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The fight for Prue

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Tue Jul 15, 2008 9:41 am

very good, i enjoyed that, i was worried for phoebs, but she was saved. yayyy, please post more, Image
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Tue Jul 15, 2008 2:21 pm

Coming to the end of the meal, Piper finally got around to asking about Prue and Penny.

"Gideon, about Grams and Prue. When do we get them both back? The pact was broken so Prue should be here with us, and do you know who has possessed Grams?"

"I'll be honest Piper, I don't know. Something went wrong and Prue can't be made to remember using magic. Grams, she was over heard saying Zankou."

"Who's this Zankou?" Paige had turned her attention from Josh.

"He was imprisoned by the source, he was getting so powerful. That he thought he could usurp the source himself, and rule the underworld.
He sent his demon after the whitelighters, I was new then and very inexperienced. If it wasn't for Odin and a few other elders I'd have died then, this time we may count it as a win for good. But there is something sinister if he is killed from his own side, we may have defeated him but we'll never know for sure."

"You did a great job of keeping him busy, how did Zankou get free. I thought the demons had destroyed the spell?"

"That's easy," Cole shimmered in.

"Some demons thought it was a great idea to release him, they need a new leader. Someone to unite the demon levels. Can I borrow this?"

He had picked up their family album.

"Sure, what do you need it for? Not staying for dinner?"

Phoebe went to get up, kissing her on the forehead and quick introductions he shimmered out again.

"Wonder why he needed our album for?" Phoebe still looked puzzled.

"Wonder if he's found Prue?" Josh had spoken what the girls were thinking.

"Then he should bring her here, we can help her remember." Phoebe was getting excited when Gideon reminded her, that she would need time to get her head around things.

"You say Cole is good now, then he'll protect her as well as we would. I know it would be nice to have her here right now, but Gideon is right. She needs time to come to terms with being a witch, let alone having sisters."

Paige looked sad as she spoke, Josh squeezed her hand while Phoebe put her arm around her.

"Paige, you maybe the new sister in the family. But you are still our sister, we'll get to know each other. Borrow each others clothes, make up etc, having you is a bonus and having Prue back wont diminish your place in the family. In fact with the power boost, I think Prue and you will have alot of time together."

Piper smiled, getting up she went to make coffee, Mark followed her in. Turning her gently, he ushered her out of the kitchen and started making coffee. Gideon and Leo stacked the dishes, and Josh and Odin made two trays ready.

"Wow, kicked out of our kitchen and the guys doing all the work." Piper smiled as she sat next to Paige.

Cole shimmered in again, "Paige have you got any photos?"

"Um, sure." she orbed them into his hands, smiling he shimmered out again.

"Wow, wonder where he has got upto with helping Prue. This is so frustrating not being able to help, and as for Grams. How are we going to help her?"

Phoebe sighed, she wanted to go with Cole, but he'd shook his head as he left.

"By the looks of it, catching her up with Paige and what's happened in her life."

"Coffee ladies, tea for those who would like some. And of course not forgetting Marks great cake."

"Oh wow, mmmmmm this is nice. Can I have a copy of your recipe?" Piper's eyes widened as she tasted it, smiling at Mark who blushed.

Laughing they sat relaxing, Gideon thanked them for a wonderful evening and orbed out with Odin. He'd promised to help Grams get rid of Zankou, he'd also found out how she had been possessed and Zankou was able to be in two places at once.

Josh and Mark made to leave as well, Paige walked them to the door. Stopping for a moment Josh turned and kissed her on the cheek, agreeing to pick her up on Saturday for a picnic in the park.

"Well he works fast, he took a shine to you. But what about Prue, from what Mark was saying Josh was quite taken with her."

"Do we have a love triangle again?" Phoebe started laughing.

"What do you mean love triangle?"

Piper slapped Phoebe gently, Leo sat on the couch next to Piper.

"It's because when Piper and I were dating, we split up and she met Dan her neighbour. It was quite upsetting seeing her with Dan, but we needed to find out if it was the real thing for us."

"As it turned out, Dan got caught up in our magic world and couldn't handle it. A genie helped him forget without consequences, and that's how we got together."

Smiling they kissed softly.

"A true love story, wish more could be like that."

"Oh there are, there's lots and lots of cupids who make them happen. But that is another story, we want too know about you and Josh." Phoebe took another piece of cake, curling up in the chair.

"For the moment, there's not alot to tell. We're going for a picnic on Saturday, but if he's interested in Prue I might just cancel it."

"Don't, it may be he was more interested in Prue's work rather than her. The way that Mark was smiling each time we said her name, seems to me she has an admirer already."

Making an excuse, Paige decided to go back to her apartment.

"Hey, don't go. I know this is kind of quick and you don't have to say yes, but would u mind moving into the manor with us?"

Phoebe held Paige's hand, looking intently at her face as she waited for an answer.

"Pheebs, don't scare her it's been what a week and a half since she found out she's a witch. All that has happened, think she can do with alone time. Get her head around it and make her decision in her own time."

"Thanks Piper, I'll think about it. See you tomorrow after work, shame I can't tell them about my holidays."

Laughing they watched as she orbed back to her apartment.

Landing on her bed she smiled that at least she hadn't hit the floor. Then she noticed her answer machine flashing crazily at her, sighing she pushed the button.

"Hi this is Bayside Electricals, you have an..." click she deleted it as she had paid it two weeks ago.

"Hi Paige, it's Kirk I know babes I screwed up. I am going to le........" deleted, sighing she got into her pj's and deleted several more messages.

"Hi Paige, it's me Josh. Um, well I dont like talking to machines, I just wanted to thank you again for agreeing to go out with me on Saturday. If you don't mind would u join me at your sisters club, Saturday night too? Give me a call when u can the number is."BEEEEP

"Damn it, stupid machine. I'll have to look up his number tomorrow."

Then it hit her, how much she had been through since first meeting her sisters at Prue's charity auction at Buckland. She'd only gone because Kirk had wanted a statue.
It had taken a few days before she learnt that Prue had died, she'd gone to the funeral to pay her respects. That's when Phoebe had her premonition, from then it had been a roller coaster ride. Now to go from being a single child to a family she sighed and jumped into bed.
Smiling at the thought she would have an extra family, and most of all sisters to share with.
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:55 pm

Odin walked into the great hall, Grams watched as Gideon followed.

"Am I allowed to go free now? Or do I have to fight my way out of here?"

Without saying a word, Odin plunged an athame into her body. Letting the body fall to the ground, they watched as it turned to dust.

Turning to Gideon they had to find out where Penny was being held, they would have to talk to Cole about the changes to the underworld.

Smiling at the thought of Penny having to admit that Cole wasn't so bad as she thought, then having to grudgingly thank him for saving her life. They knew they had to work fast, as they still had to wait to hear from Cole about Prue remembering who she was.

Cole sat across from her at his desk, having allowed her to sit in his chair. Watching as her face screwed up, "Are you sure these are my sisters? If they were, I'm sure I'd feel a connection."

"I know this is hard to take in, but yes these are your sisters. Paige is a new addition, one that I will come to when you have got your head around the rest of it. For now I need to know if you trust me?"

Prue nodded slowly, she wasn't sure why it was just a feeling that he would protect her. Smiling he held out his hand, assuring her he was just returning her to her home. As they shimmered in, the lounge was turned upside down, within a blink they were in the mansion lounge as Piper was locking up.

"WHAT THE??? PRUE??" she went to hug her sister, then pulled herself up looking worriedly at Cole.

He asked sharply for her to calm down, taking her to one side as Prue sat on the couch with a worried expression on her face. "Why have you brought her here?"

"Her flat has been turned over, it has demon written all over it. Can you put extra defences up tonight? She needs to make the choice to return as a charmed one or she wont come back at all."

Prue asked why she had to make the choice, if they were her sisters it wouldn't matter. They hadn't noticed her walk up beside them. Piper explained they had not known about Paige and the Charmed Ones had always been three and didn't know how a fourth would change the bond of the book.

Offering tea, Piper said she would make up the attic as it was the strongest defence they had. And it would mean that Prue would have some peace before Phoebe got up in the morning and found her in the house.
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Thu Jul 17, 2008 5:58 pm

Paige pulled up in Josh's drive, butterflies rose up in her stomach but she carried on to the front door. Which opened as she got out of the car, Sanders face lit up when he saw her. Informing her that Josh was just getting the blanket as the basket was already in the car waiting for them.

Thanking him she followed him into the hall, Josh smiled as he walked down the stairs. "Paige, I'm so glad you came."

"You thought I wouldn't? To be honest I was having second thoughts."

"You're here now that is all that matters. Now for our picnic, I was thinking the cliffs above the beach?"

"Wonderful, I've not been there in ages."

They waved to Sanders who shut the door and called for Leo, orbing in he put the books on the table in the library.

In the car Josh was blushing as Paige explained why she had had second thoughts, he shook his head and explained his love of history and antiques. He had read that Prue had got the best price for another family, he admired people who were dedicated to their clients rather than the bottom dollar.
"We're here, under that tree?" he pointed to a tree standing on its own.

"Paige I'd like to get to know more about you." he didn't know he was holding his breathe when she nodded. Relieved that Prue was just someone he would work with. They decided a walk would do them good, then the picnic.

Back at the house Phoebe headed towards the attic, as Piper walked out of her bedroom. Calling her back to have a proper breakfast before starting their day, Prue listened from the top wondering when she could go down without being noticed. Cole shimmered in, catching her leg as she kicked. Yelling in a whisper she wanted to know what he was doing there.

"Come to take you to another place. Don't worry about your/the sisters I'll explain everything when I get.."

Prue stepped back towards the door with a flick of the wrist she was down the stairs and running to the stairs as Piper and Phoebe ran back up. "PRUE!?!?!" Phoebe screamed as they fell on the landing in a heap, "DEMON! NOW! RUN!" pulling both sisters down the last steps they stopped part way down as the demon shimmered at the bottom.

"Now would be a good idea for me to get those powers, don't you think? Cos my kick boxing isn't going to stop him."

"You sure Prue?" Phoebe asked, she was confused and happy at the same time.

Touching hands the chandelier shook violently then nothing all of them screamed as fire flew between them, looking at each other they wondered what was going on. Piper threw her hands up and blew the demon into the father clock yet again, Phoebe threw the potion she had just made. Turning the demon into a frog, Phoebe picked it up with gloves and headed towards the attic, trying to get her head around her sister being back.

"Why didn't it work? Why wasn't I given my powers back?" Prue was close to tears as Piper laid the crystals around the frog as Cole shimmered in.

"Hey this a new way to catch frogs?" He exploded into pieces then shimmered back into shape.

"OUCH!! What, oh ok got you. Take it that was me?" pointing to the frog as it sat staring at them.

"Yeah, and we got a problem. Can you check on Paige, we'll call Leo, Gideon and Odin." Phoebe pushed him to get moving.
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The fight for Prue

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Thu Jul 17, 2008 6:59 pm

awwwe that was so sweet, I'm glad Prue's getting on with her. More please.
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:03 pm

"GRAMS!! How could you? What were you thinking? Paige is still coming to terms with finding out she has sisters. Prue thanks to Cole has a FEW memories of who she was, and if she's anything like she was when"

"You got to stop talking to yourself sweetie..." Phoebe tried making light of the situation.

Piper was throwing ingredients into the cauldron; when there was a big explosion. Throwing the women backwards, Cole shimmered in seeing them on the floor he went towards Piper first.

"You ok? What were you doing?" he steadied her as she stood up

"Um, trying a new potion." as she brushed him away. Throwing a what the hell look at Phoebe, as Prue sat in the chair looking through the book of shadows.

"While trying to figure out who the new power is, our frog isn't up to talking just yet." Phoebe stood up unsteadily.

Prue watched in silence, if these were her sisters and they were Charmed what hope had they of winning against demons. She wandered if it wouldn't be a good time to find a new apartment, "Prue, you can stay here it's much safer." Piper had over heard her mumble out loud.

"Um, don't take this the wrong way. But..."

"But what? We're not that good at demon fighting, well we've gotten better and it has always been surprise attacks." Phoebe felt hurt that Prue would criticise them.

"Well you're, sorry but you are meant to be these powerful witches and you have turned a demon into a frog. A half demon is on your side and you have no idea who this new power is, the hand holding thingy didn't work to give me so called powers. I might look like your sister Prue but I don't think I am."

Everyone looked stunned at her as she stood next to the book, it flipped open to call a witches power as Prue read the title and spell half out loud she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"COLE!! What's happening? What happened to Prue, WE CAN'T LOSE HER AGAIN NOT NOW!!!" Piper couldn't breathe as Phoebe screamed at Cole. He barely caught Piper as she fainted, picking her up he took her down to her room, laying her on the bed she called for Leo.

Gideon appeared in a swirl of lights looking at them, he nodded to Cole and they disappeared.

"Great, no one tells us anything and we have to work it out on our own again." Phoebe swore as she covered her sister, hoping Leo wasn't too far away and working on a solution.

Leo sat on top of the bridge looking out over San Francisco, it had been a long time since he'd been up there as it was one of the quieter spots for him to think without interruption. Prue stood behind him, "Um, Leo how did I get up here?" She grabbed hold of him tightly, almost pushing both of them off. Orbing both of them out and in again he stood holding her gently, "Prue? How did you get up here? How did you orb?"

"Orb? What is, oh never mind. I was with Piper, Phoebe and Cole in the attic with a demon PHoebe turned into a frog. I mumbled the words to bring a witches power and next moment I'm up here with you."
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