The fight for Prue

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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Mon Jul 21, 2008 7:32 pm

Phoebe wished she could be seen and heard, she wanted to reach out and hug Prue. Then she had an idea, if Grams had put her in for a reason, then she should be able to control her alternative self.

Bringing her hand up she slapped herself hard across the face, the exact same thing happened with the other Phoebe.
All of them jumped back, next Phoebe decided to try talking through herself.

"Prue, I just don't regret following my heart. I love Cole, with all my heart. I wanted to do what you did, help an innocent."

"Here we go, you storm into a situation. No concern for those around you, in your own little world. Then after the chaos you cause, you don't regret it. Typical of you, a man comes along and you go gaga for him."

"It's better than being so damned fridged, you don't let any man near you. Every excuse, not too let yourself feel."

"Don't you dare Phoebe! Andy."

"He's dead Prue, yet you insist on."

"I know he's dead, doing what he loved. Then there was Jake and Bane, they showed me how to follow my dream. To allow myself to love and be loved, but they never ever stopped me from."

"We know, being the big PRUE HALLIWELL!"

Phoebe cringed as she watched the car wreck of an arguement. She had to stop it, before things were said they would both regret.

Screaming inside her head for herself to shut up, then she did. Pulling herself together she tried again.

"That was uncalled for."

"You never say anything you don't mean, hang on that's a lie. You said you'd be there to help us fight Shax, Cole came along and you disappeared."

"Prue, with all my heart I wish I could go back and change that. But I can't, I know I've hurt you, Piper, Leo and Cole. I don't blame you for being angry, we need to get past this. How do I stop my heart from ruling my head? How do I find that balance?"

"You put your sisters first, when demons are attacking. If he's meant to be part of your life, then he accepts what we do. If not then we move on, no going back to old wounds."

"That's too easy Prue, our hearts don't work like that."

"Then you'll always put a man first."

Turning Prue headed for the stairs, Piper and Paige sighed heavily. Paige followed her up the stairs, as Piper sat with Phoebe.

"You know I could've handled that better, what do I do Piper?"

"Prue wont forgive easily, this isn't like Roger. That was bad enough, this will need time that we may not have."

Lowering her head, they held each others hands.

Knocking on Prue's door, Paige opened it slowly.

"Can I come in?"

"Sure, your first Halliwell sister fight."

Sitting on the seat under the window, Prue pulled out another album.

"Grams raised us, when mum died. I grew up fast, helped Grams with raising them. I wish she was here now, she'd know what to do."

"Think that's why she's not. She knows what you both need to do, and so do you. Being on the outside looking in, you both love each other deeply. Phoebe, needs you as much as you need her. Two sides to the same coin."

"I know but how do we sort this? It's tougher than I thought."

They looked up, as a knock came on the door. Poking her head around Piper smiled.

"Come in, oh."

Phoebe followed, not knowing the reception she'd receive.
Sitting on the edge of Prue's bed, she looked at the floor.

"You two need to balance yourselves out. Prue, you're the first one up and last to bed, quite a reputation as a witch too. Hard act to follow. On the love side, you've loved and lost. You learnt to allow love back in, and followed your dream. But you've always wanted to be more like Phoebe, spur of the moment."

"Let me finish. Phoebe, you are more of a free spirit. Looking for love, trying to find your niche like Prue has. But she took a leaf out of your book. She found her love of photography, now you need to do something with that degree of yours."

Taking her sisters hands, Piper pulled them to her. Paige went to leave.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" Prue grabbed her and hugged her tightly.

"You're part of this family too, I know it will take time to get used to. Stay in your apartment, until you're ready to make a decision. Our house is yours now too, so you can come and read the book of shadows any time."

Paige smiled, she never thought Prue would accept her this quickly. Turning to Phoebe, she took her hands.

"Give me time, if we're going to move on."

"The other way, I know you don't like it. But we could swap bodies, I take a walk in your life, and you in mine."

Piper put her hand over her mouth.

"Don't you dare, remember the last time we swapped bodies. Paige remind me to tell you that one, because if we're here. It might go wrong, and we'll all end up in each others bodies."

Laughing, they watched as Paige orbed out, Phoebe smiled to herself.

Penny brought her back to the present and allowed her to sleep the rest of the night.
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:04 pm

Waking up refreshed, Phoebe ran to the shower. Changing quickly she grabbed her car keys and headed for the door.

In Cole's apartment, Piper had breakfast on the table. Walking out Cole smiled, he hadn't planned on having breakfast.

"What's all this?"

"Breakfast as a thank you. What happened? All I remember is going to the lift and next thing, I'm waking up in your bed with you in the chair."

"You fainted, that's the long and short of it. Why we don't know, Leo orbed you into bed. Left that privilege to him, he also brought you a change of clothes."

Orbs swirled as Leo formed in front of them. Hugging Piper tightly he smiled at Cole.

"Great too see you're up and about. What's all this?"

"A thank you from your lovely wife. So I'm going to leave you two, to have a romantic breakfast. Piper you can make me dinner tonight instead."

With that he walked to the lift and got in, smiling at them as the door closed.

"Wow, didn't expect him to allow us run of his apartment."

Leo sat down with Piper for a leisurely breakfast. He hadn't had one of her breakfasts in a while, he adored her cooking.

"I can't believe he allowed me his bed. What made me faint?"

"The elders don't know, maybe it's something human."

"I'll make an appointment this morning, in the mean time. I am going to enjoy my time with my husband, thanks to Cole."

As the doors opened he saw Phoebe as she walked through the door, walking straight past her. She put her hand out to stop him, seeing his face she took a deep breathe.

"I know I screwed up. Big time, I don't expect forgiveness Cole. I just need you to listen, I'm sorry. I allowed my judgment to get clouded, I was jealous. Jealous you have more time for Piper than you do us, I know it's my fault too. I should make the time as well. I need to speak to Piper and Leo too, are they upstairs?"

"Leave them be for now, they are having a romantic breakfast. I'm going into work, see you later."

"Cole, please. I need to speak to all of you. I may have a way of getting Prue and Paige back."

"Interfering again Phoebe?"

"No, it was two future premonitions. If we don't I lose everyone."

Telling her he'd ring Piper later, he walked out of the building. Zankou stood smiling, he'd just found a way in, shimmering out, he waited in the woods close to where Prue and Paige were walking.

"How did you sleep?" Prue looked absently at everything around her.

"Rough, I kept waking up. I feel if we leave our witch side, we lose out on doing some great things. On the other hand, if we do go up against this Zankou we end up dead anyway. Finding I have siblings and then losing them, without getting to know about them. I think it's worse than not finding out at all about them."

"I know, I was tossing and turning too. Felt that having you with us, would bring a new dimension in to our lives. Your all three of us in one, you have my determination, Phoebe's freedom and Pipers' passion. We could call Mom, your biological mother that is, find out what is going on."

"You would help me find her?"

"From what we've learnt, she fell in love with her whitelighter Sam. They had a child together, and gave her to a nunnery to adopt out. I worked from your photos, our photos and the little information. And."

"And you think, I'm that baby?"

"Yeah, just need confirmation from mom. That is if you want to, if you don't that's fine. I know another bomb shell."

As she finished two demons shimmered in and took Prue, screaming Paige orbed too the mansion. Finding Josh she filled him in with what was happening, he told her to orb to the manor.
Finding no one there, she called for Leo. He appeared with Piper holding on to him.

"Ok, should stop orbing till I feel better."

She stumbled to the chair.

"What's wrong Paige?"

"Prue's gone, two demons took her. We found she has telekenisis, like I do. But we hadn't made up our minds, she was going to get mom here to explain why she gave me up. Then they took her."

Sitting in Cole's office Zankou smiled, his plan had worked perfectly. Cole walked in, flicking through his mail. He dumped most of it on his desk, then he looked up.

"What do you want?"

"Nice too see you too Cole. Just to let you know the balance of power has tipped in my favour. If you want it all in our favour, you'll help with getting rid of the Charmed Ones. I know you've had an arguement."

Rolling his eyes Cole, sat down and started opening his mail. Looking up slowly he smirked.

"Still here? Waiting for my answer? You know my answer."

"Then you'll see how wrong you are. Good luck."

Watching him shimmer out, he called the apartment, when there was no answer he called the manor. Getting the answer machine, he shimmered over there.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"Prue's been taken by demons. We need to get."

Phoebe walked in the door, "Hey great you're all here, I need to talk to you."

"Later, Prue's been taken by demons."

"NO! How many, what level? have you been to the book?"

Piper and Paige are up there now, they want you up there as soon as you got in. Without looking back, she ran up the stairs. Flying into the attic she stopped in her tracks.


"Don't you dare." with that she jumped and kicked a demon in the head.

They shimmered out with Paige, leaving Piper wounded on the floor. Just as Leo and Cole entered the attic.
Seeing Piper Leo flew to her side, healing her wound. Cole swore and shimmered out.

"What happened?"

"Paige was taken by two demons, what is this get us on our own to fight Zankou. I wont let that premonition come true, it just can't"

"What do you mean Phoebe? What premonition?"

"That you four died, Leo from a darklighter arrow. Cole hated me, and everyone else was just disappointed. Zankou let me live, to remind myself of how I helped evil by allowing my jealousy to get in the way. Well not this time."

"Where's Cole?" Leo looked around

"He's gone after them, you must stop him Leo. He'll be in a cage, it's to stop him from helping us."

Leo orbed out, he went to Gideon and Odin for back up.
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Thu Jul 24, 2008 11:04 pm

The demons were celebrating, they had caged Prue and Paige, while Cole was in the cage next to them.
Paige held onto Prue, Cole looked at them angry at being caught so easily.

Zankou sauntered in, head held high. Looking around the room, he smiled broadly.

"The great Balthazor, betrayed us with a witch. The great Prue Halliwell, lost her memory and now can't make up her mind. The poor lonesome Paige, dumped by her own parents. Finding her sisters, who didn't even KNOW she was alive till a month ago. Now that Piper is dead."

Screams from the cage, made a few demons turn their heads. Cole decided not to tell them she was alive, well not while the demons were around.

"Oh didn't you know, it was such a pleasure killing her. Saves Cole and Leo fighting over her."

"That doesn't deserve a response. Phoebe will find a way of rescuing us. As for."

"Phoebe will be in no fit state, with two sisters taken by demons. Dead for all she knows, one definitely dead, a whitelighter soon to be dead. Oh what a party we are going to have tonight."

A great roar of pleasure went up, they re grouped in another side cave.

"Cole, is Piper really dead?"

"SSSSSHHHHH! No she's not, Phoebe had a premonition this would happen. So we need to find a way out of here, she doesn't want it coming true."

"These cages don't allow any magic, in or out. So how do they stop you from shimmering?"

Explaining that anyone shimmered would be blown to another plane of existance.

Paige began to breathe deeply, looking her straight in the eyes. Prue asked her about her adoptive parents, anything to keep her mind occupied.

Back in the manor, Phoebe was looking through the book, while Piper was scrying with Prue's earings.

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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Tue Jul 29, 2008 1:38 pm

"She's in the underworld, so that means Paige is with her. But where is Cole?"

"He should be around some where, maybe he's down trying to help free them?"

"He's been captured too." Leo had orbed in.

Prue's earings began to move, making them all jump back.

"What's going on? Prue's moving from where she was."

Down below, Prue had disappeared from the cage, Paige and Cole looked at each other. Red claws had wrapped themselves around her and pulled her out.
Cole had managed to grab hold of one claw and rip a talon out, screaming in pain it had disappeared.

Unlocking their cages, they turned to face the guards that had walked in. Grabbing hold of her arm, they shimmered back to the manor.

"PAIGE!" Piper hugged her, then looking between them.

"Where's Prue? Why didn't you bring her back? How did you escape?"

Shaking Piper doubled over, grabbing her Leo sat her on Prue's favourite chair.

Kneeling in front of her Cole took her hands gently.

"She's dead isn't she? Don't lie to me."

"She's alive, but she has been taken by another form of demon."

"Another, thought Zankou had her in one of the cages. No magic can go in or out. So what happened."

Standing with her arms wrapped around her, Paige let the tears fall silently.

"He did, these are demons that were banished by the source. They wont be in the book Phoebe. Well if they are, you'll need Penny to come and help. You see they are the Altreax, their ability to melt a witch with one touch."

"YOU LIED! SHE'S DEAD!!!" Piper slapped him hard across the face. He let her hit him, as hard as she could.

"Let me finish. They also have the ability to take hold of a witch, letting her live. They want Prue to become one of them, they are witches who have been turned. The most powerful are taken. I'm surprised though that Paige wasn't as she is half whitelighter."

"I don't understand, why not take Paige?" Phoebe stood next to her.

"I don't know, Leo?"

"They are very ancient breed of demon. As Cole said, they take witches that have not made up their minds. So I'm as much in the dark as he is, as to why Paige was left behind."

Grabbing the earrings, and the book of shadows Piper sat at the table.

"Piper, they are beyond the underworld. All I got was a claw."

Grabbing it off of him, she tied string around it. As she finished it went flying into the corner of the attic, sticking out of the wall.

"Wow, what just happened?" Phoebe ran over, not touching it.

"Don't know, where's the chalk?" Piper began to look through their boxes. When she found it, she walked back to the claw and began to draw the triquatra.

Grabbing her hand Leo stopped her. "Piper you don't know what you're up against. Get Grams here, she'll be able to help you."

"I don't want any help, she's my sister and I'm going after her. You're either coming with me or get out of my way."

"She's our sister Piper, but we'll need help with this. Getting Penny would make our chances greater for getting Prue and ourselves out alive."

Looking at Paige, Piper let her hands slip down to her side. Phoebe had grabbed the chance to call Penny, as she swirled she swept the girls in to a hug.

"My darlings, I know it's be awful the last few weeks. Paige we'll sort where you are in this family out soon, I promise."

"I know just at the moment we need to get Prue back."

"Phoebe bring the book here, Piper oh you've started it already. Cole, I need you to."

"I know." shimmering out.

"What does he have to do Grams?" Phoebe looked at her.

"Best you don't know at this point, Leo go make sure your other charges are ok. We don't want any more taken."

Kissing Piper gently, he orbed out.

"Now what Grams?"

Prue, clambered against a wall. The demon faces changed into human form.

"Who are you? What do you want with me?"

"Prue Halliwell, first born of the Charmed Ones. Sister of Piper and Phoebe. Grandaughter to the great Penny, of course you know all this."

"You haven't ans.."

"We are the Altreax, witches that were taken before we'd made up our minds. We turned ourselves into what we showed you, it was the only way to protect ourselves. We want you to help us."

"With what?"

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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:43 pm

Flinging her arm out, they laughed at her. It made her angrier at them for taking her away from her sisters.

"Good magic doesn't work down here. By having you here, it brings the end closer, a way of turning back to our human form. But it also brings a fight too us, a fight so great your sisters will need more powers."

"Why are you telling me this? What can I do?"

"Prue, listen. They will find out soon enough you've all gone, I gave a claw so your sister and the demon could escape. Penny will be another problem, your sisters will be finishing the triquatra. When she does, we'll go through but you MUST stop them from killing us. You see, we'll be in our monster forms."

A man ran into the cave, yelling that the alarm had been raised in the underworld. Zankou was looking for Prue, he wasn't worried about the others. It was Prue he was after the most.

"Why me? What am I to you, to him?"

"When Shax killed you, you weren't meant to come back alive. Paige was meant to take her place, they would've moved on with their lives. You're not only pure witch, you're the eldest charmed one."

Walking a few paces behind, Prue tried to make sense of what she was being told. Too make the choice to die again, this time for good. Or to fight for her sisters and live with them, in this time line.

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she turned around.

"You don't have to sacrifice yourself, you can be with your sisters. Alive and well, it will be a fight of proportions you've never seen before. I could show you the path their lives would've taken."

"Please, if it would help me make a decision."

Sitting down she closed her eyes, the Altreax put her hands on her head.

Watching as Leo revived Piper, seeing how she reacted to Prue being dead. Phoebe coming back with Cole, then the funeral and meeting Paige. The vanquishing of Shax, Cole and Phoebe turning evil, Paige trying to find her place in the family. Skipping over the highlights of the path, of Wyatt and Chris being born.
Gideon turning on Piper and Leo, the avatars, the homeland security. Then came Billie and Christie, the loss of Leo, then Phoebe and Paige finding Coop and Henry.

Opening her eyes she laughed out loud, trying to get her breath back. It made her laugh harder.

"Is that what would've happened if I'd stayed dead? Oh that was the best laugh I've had in months. I'll help you, even if it means I die. Anything to stop that happening, I'm so going to remind Phoebe of a few things too."

Just as she said those words the door to the attic opened, standing on the other side were her sisters and Grams.
Stepping in front of the Altreax, she moved the potion out of their hands.


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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:55 pm

"Piper, they are here to help. Phoebe you throw that, and I'll throw you."

Looking around, Prue pulled the leader through into the attic. Grams stood over her with a potion at the ready, taking the bottle Prue put it on the table.

Explaining what had happened, they had everything over the two tables. Watching as the Altreax pulled out three more claws.
Laying them down on the book of shadows. Piper stumbled against the table, Prue looked at her asking what was wrong.

Pulling a toy out of a box the Altreax tossed it at Phoebe, "She's done that a couple of times now and you're throwing toys at me?"

Then she gasped, "She's pregnant!"

"I'm WHAT?" Piper looked at them all as she sat in the rocking chair.

"Pregnant, the toy gave me a premonition. Which puts you out of the fight. Don't you argue with me, I'm not going to lose a sister and a neice or nephew. Where can she go for safety?"

Clicking her tongue and pointing to the wall, the sisters shook their heads.

"Well why not? The Altreax become witches with their powers, their lair lays empty and well hidden from everyone. She'll be safer there than anywhere on earth."

Everyone looked at Paige, who had another great idea flash through her head.
Orbing out the others watched wandering where she had gone.

"While she is gone, Prue we need to talk."

"After we change the Altreax back into witches. Got your potion? Then lets go, lead the way Grams!"

Walking to the opening they threw the cauldron of potion over the demons, turning back into witches they screamed with delight.
Holding up her hands Grams asked for quiet, Amber introduced herself and explained what Zankou was upto.

Although she couldn't be sure he hadn't changed his plans at any point.

At the mansion Josh smiled at Paige, sitting down in the lounge with a glass he held his head.

Looking at the wound, Paige called for a first aid kit. Sitting in front she cleaned and dressed the wound, with what she had.

Looking into the fire, he tried finding the words. Taking a deep breathe he gave a short history of how he'd become involved with demons.
Remembering what had happened with Phoebe, she apologised for cutting him short and orbed them to the manor.

Introducing him to Grams and Phoebe, they caught up with what had just happened.
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Re: The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:34 pm

I know WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to long in writing this, but updating and editing. Taking a new turn and twist and hopefully have something new over the next few weeks.
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Re: The fight for Prue

Postby teddybear32 » Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:05 am

I like it . Your storyline is good. :)
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Re: The fight for Prue

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:33 pm

more please ;)
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