Finding the past

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Finding the past

Postby marissalu415 » Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:55 pm

yeah, bring me to life is a great song. And i think her voice is just beautiful. Oh, so you were going for a Brenda look. Well i'll try to picture that, but i'll probably still end up picturing Amy Lee now lol.
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Finding the past

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:18 pm

"Mom please.." An exasperated Marie said as her mother flirted with Wyatt in plain sight of her father.

"Oh shush Marie, It's only a bit of fun...isn't that right doctor?" Heather Walker purred onto Wyatt's shoulder.

"Mrs Walker, if we could discuss your daughter's care, please."

Mrs Walker pouted, then removed herself from Wyatt's personal space. Mr Walker just looked at his wife, a look of pure loathing written all across his ragged features.
He was once a very handsome man. Had been mayor for a short while, but a mixture of stress from the office and from his wife's escapades had worn him down and he had turned to the bottle.

"Heather, put your claws away and try and concentrate on Marie for once will you." Gerry Walker chastised his wife.

Throwing daggers at her husband Heather Walker walked over to Marie and placed a rough kiss on her forehead. Then sat down heavily at the bottom of Marie's bed narrowly missing her cast.

"So what have you done this time? How many times have you been told about upsetting the good kids..."

"Mom , they attacked me." Marie tried.

"Why would they want to attack you, you are nothing to didn't spout any of that mumbo jumbo witchy rubbish did you?"

This made Wyatt look up..'witchy' rubbish.... was Marie a witch? He would have to find out. It would put more confirmation to his growing theory. Looking at Marie, he could see she was close to tears, so he decided to step in and help.

"Mrs Walker, perhaps you should step outside. You are clearly upsetting Mar...."

"Don't tell me what to have no rights where my daughter is concerned." Mrs Walker defended.

"Mrs Walker please." Wyatt tried.

"How dare you assume i m upsettin...."

"Heather DO IT." Gerry Walker shouted as he stood,

He was almost at face level with his wife and he was staring her down.

"Fine... I know when i'm not wanted."

Mrs walker said and grabbing her bag, scrambled of the bed and headed towards the door. Upon reaching it she turned and looked at Marie, scoffed and left the room.

"Mom...wait.." Marie called after her.

But it was no use Mrs Walker had left without looking back.

Wyatt observed the scene, he felt uncomfortable for Marie. He could see now why she was so withdrawn...with a mother like that. He thanked god his mother was one of the good ones.

Gerry Walker stood and walked over to his daughter. Wyatt stood back observing father and daughter.

"What really happened Mar'?" Gerry asked sitting by her side and taking hold of her hand.

Marie looked at Wyatt, a silent plea radiating from her eye's. She didn't want him to hear so he made a silent exit from the room.

Back in the room, Marie was becoming increasingly worried about her fathers behaviour. Usually he was strict and hard to cope with....but this was a different side of him altogether.... He had NEVER held her hand like this before today. Looking at him looking into her eye's now gave Marie an unsure feeling in her gut.

"Nothing happened..."

"Don't lie are better than that...i know i haven't been there as a father a lot in the past...but when i got the call you were in hospital i was scared...really scared...i realised then that i was wasting my life, and in turn had alienated you from it... I'm sorry...for everything. Now what happened?"

Wyatt watched as Marie told her father what had happened in the school earlier that morning...Parts of which he didn't even know...but he had a feeling she would be ok from now on. He watched as her father pulled her into a hug. Saw the shock at his actions written on her face then saw her smile half heartedly at him through the window.

Marie was at home sleeping in her bed, but she was not sleeping peacefully she was dreaming of those same three sisters again, this time they were in the nameless club again, and it was jam-packed full of revellers out for a good time. She saw Piper and Phoebe talking at the bar , the other sister Prue was nowhere in sight. Walking up to the bar she sat on a stool and waited her turn. She could see herself in the bar's long mirror, she looked tired.Piper was suddenly in front of her, she opened her mouth to speak...but it wasn't her voice that exited her lips, it was Prue's. Confused she looked upwards and saw a sign displaying a letter and a number.

Sitting bolt upright in her bed, sweat dripping off her face, she knew that place, had walked past it many times before on her way to and from school. It was P3. A trendy nighclub that the Halliwell sisters had owned for many a year. Was that who those women where she had been dreaming about? She had never seen them but had heard about them. But why would she dream about three total strangers? It didn't make any sense to her. Then she thought back to the ending of her dream. Why had she spoken in Prue's voice, but had been in her own body..She had to find some answers and fast before she went insane. She would go by thier house the next day, and get to the bottom of it.
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Finding the past

Postby kelly47 » Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:32 am

Oh great story Claire! I have one theory but won't post it because I don't want to ruin it if I am right.
Love it, you're so good at this! Image
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Finding the past

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:54 am

Looking up at the huge house in her vision, Marie had a feeling of happiness in her chest. This place looked so inviting, so what was keeping her from climbing those stairs to the front door. It wasn't the crutches thats for sure.

"Come on Marie, it's just steps." She said out loud to herself.

She didn't hear the car pull up behind her, or the door open, or the shocked voice that called her name.


A hand gently fell onto her shoulder, bringing her out of her thoughts. She looked around into a pair of familiar eye's, Wyatt. It was only then did she see the second person stood by his side. A young woman who looked in her late teens to early twenties. And a woman who bore a striking resemblence to Piper, the woman from her dreams.

"What are you doing here? Staring up at my house?" Wyatt asked her. Concern showing in his eye's.

"Your house? live here?" She said looking from Wyatt to the young woman.

"Wyatt who is this young lady? Do you know her?" The woman asked.

Wyatt was brought out of his trance, he had been gobsmacked to see her there. He looked at the woman then at Marie.

"I'm sorry, yes Prue' this is Marie, Marie, my sister Prue." Wyatt introduced.

Marie was confused, he had introduced this woman as Prue, but she looked nothing like the Prue from her dreams. Sure, she had the similar long dark hair, but the face was more like Wyatts than the woman from the dream.Shaking this Prue's hand she smiled.

"Nice to meet you Prue." Marie said, feeling a strange unnatural tightening in her chest.

"Would you like to come in Marie, you seem a little flushed.Maybe have something to eat, our mom is the greatest cook." Prue asked her.

Still in some shock she nodded and Wyatt took her hand and helped her up the stairs.The closer she got to the house, the more comfortable she felt, it was like coming home, which was unusual seeing as she had never been here before. Wyatt opened the door and helped her inside.Taking of his jacket, Prue doing the same, he called out for his mom.

Marie looked round the house from where she was stood and her eyes fell to a wall not far from the front entrance. She felt her chest tighten and her breathing speed up. That one wall was the only thing that made her feel this way.It was like her heart was trying to get out of her chest. The next thing she knew she was falling, Wyatt caught her as she blacked out.


"....I don't know why mom, she just blacked out."

"Well something must have caused it, people don't usually walk into our house and collapse into your arms, Wyatt."

"She just went mom, i promise, i saw her, one minute she was stood staring at the wall and the next, in his arms."

"Staring at the wall? Which wall?"

"The one leading into the sunroom."

Marie opened her eye's slowly.She could see Wyatt, Prue and an older woman all staring down at her. She recognised the older woman immediately. It was Piper. Although she looked a lot older than she had in her dream. She went to sit up, but Piper gently placed her hand on her shoulder.

"Shhh, shh, stay still, you're ok, my names.."

"...Piper, i know." Marie finished for her.

Piper sat up straight and looked at Wyatt and Prue. Marie knew that look, it was a look of caution.

"I know who you are, because i have been dreaming about you, and....."

Marie was cut off by the door opening and a female voice calling out.

"Sis...are you home."

"In here Paige." Piper shouted back not taking her eye's of Marie.

Paige turned the corner and took in the scene in front of her..

"What's going on here?" Paige asked.

"Who are you?" Marie said before she could stop herself.

Paige was taken aback. Who was this girl to ask who SHE was in her own sister's house.

"I'm Paige...Who are you?... Who is she?" She said looking at Marie then finally directing her question to Piper.

"This is Marie, Paige." Piper said. Motioning with her eye's to the picture on the wall by the stairs.

Paige glanced at the wall, then back to Marie, acknowledgement dawning on her face.

"Oh, hello Marie. How are you?"

Marie didn't take her eye's of Paige as she crossed the room to sit by Piper's side.

"So Marie, you said you dreamed about me...." Piper began.

But Marie wasn't in the mood for any more questions, she had to get out of there. Easing herself up of the sofa she backed out of the room.

"I'm sorry i erm... i have to"

"Marie, wait let me drive you home." Wyatt said jumping up himself.

"'ll get a cab...bye." She said and left the house.

Struggling down the steps she cursed herself for opening her mouth. Why had she gone and told Piper she had dreamed about her, and who was this Paige? She had refered to Piper as 'sis', but Marie had never seen her in her dreams before. A hand rested on her shoulder, startling her momentarily. She spun round and came face to face with Wyatt.

"Please..let me drive questions. I promise." He said holding his hands in the air in mock surrender.

Try as she might she couldn't help but smile at his actions, so nodding she allowed him to open his car door for her.

On the drive home, Wyatt looked at her out of the corner of his eye. She was sat twirling her hair around her finger, and looked to be in deep thought. He wondered what about?

"Left here." She said and Wyatt turned the wheel accordingly.

"So...about what happened in the house?" He began.

"You said no questions." She replied looking straight at him.

"Ok, ok." He said.

"You look like your mom, Prue too."

Wyatt took this as an opening, and dove right in.

"I'm curious. What brought you to my house today?"

She looked at him for the longest time. Then finally spoke.

"Pull over here, and i'll tell you."

Wyatt did as she asked. and sat looking at her.

"Your going to think i'm wierd.but i feel i can trust you. Can i trust you Wyatt?"

"With your life."

"I have been having dreams, at first i didn't think anything of them. It wasn't until i had one about a place here i recognised that i finally thought long and hard about them. I have been dreaming about three women, Piper, ..." she paused and looked at him. He nodded, silently prompting her on. "Phoebe, and Prue. Last night i dreampt of P3 that's when i finally realised who the women were in my dream. That's what brought me to your house today. These dreams are confusing me. Especially, the one last night. I spoke in Prue's voice, i...." she sighed. "...i don't know if i'm cracking up or not."

He was looking at her, here was a young girl, telling him her deepest fears and he didn't know how to respond.

"I think i need to speak to my mom about this. She may be able to help you." Wyatt finally said, as he started the car up again.

After dropping her off at home Wyatt drove to a nearby supermarket , parked the car in a secluded spot, looked around and orbed out. Materializing in the attic of the manor. He went straight to the book and flipped to a page. Finding what he was looking for, he took in the knowledge he required and went to find his mom.
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Finding the past

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:01 pm

"Re-incarnation? Do you really think that's possible?" Paige asked unsure.

"After all we've been through as witches how can you NOT believe it is. Come on Paige, the girl even looks like Prue...when she was that age that is."

"You think that that girl is my dead aunt? Come on Wyatt, thats a little far fetched don't you think?" Prue said unsure.

"It is possible, we have all lived before, what about my past life we went back to ,when Anton was threatening my present life?" Phoebe put in.

Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Wyatt and Prue were all sat around the long table in the dining area, discussing Wyatt's theory about Marie.

"It would make sense. These 'dreams' she's having, may not be dreams at all, but memories playing over in her sleep state, she spoke in aunt Prue's voice in one of her dreams. How would she even know what aunt Prue sounds like, she died 9 years before Marie was born." Wyatt said.

This declaration quieted them all. It was true, they couldn't figure that one out. Piper had called Leo when Wyatt had first confronted her about this, so they were waiting for him to orb back to either confirm the possibility or to disprove it.

"There are two people who would know for sure. Attic?"

The family all stood and made thier way up the stairs to the top of the house. After summoning grams and thier mother, the girls looked them sraight in the eyes.

"We have question's for you two and we want the truth." Piper began.

Patty and Grams looked at each other, they knew what was coming, had been prepared for this moment since Prue's soul had been reborn.

"Were is Prue?" Piper asked, straight to the point.

"Yea everytime we have asked to see her in the last god only knows how many years gone by, you have always said she was unattainable, why is that?" Phoebe cut in.

"Er...!" Grams started.

"Mom, it's time." Patty announced. "Your sister was reborn."

"I knew it." Wyatt said

"So you mean to tell me that Wyatt is right, Marie is aunt Prue?" Prue said shocked.

"Don;t look so surprised sis it has been known to happen on occasion."

"Wyatt, this is no time for jokes. Mom how could you keep this from us?" Piper asked, hurt present in her words.

"Because we knew you would go looking for her. It is better to use your time more productively, than to waste it, looking for your sister's new life." Patty said.

"But she found us. She, Marie has been dreaming about us. She was here today."Paige announced.

"She was?" Patty said shocked, then looked at Grams.

At that moment Leo orbed in. From the look on his face he didn't need to confirm or deny anything.

"The elders think this girl is Prue....they didn't have any idea why her soul was re-born. Usually when the first born witch of a strong line, like Prue was, dies, she stays in spirit. They have no idea she had even been released." Leo confirmed.

"How could they not know she was missing for 16 years? I don't buy that, Leo..They knew she was gone and failed to tell us." Piper argued.

"Piper?!" Leo warned looking up.

" No, Leo They didn't even give us chance to talk to her after she died. She just died and that was that. No goodbye, no way to summon her. This is the last straw now Leo." Piper said, her breathing heavy and tears falling down her face.

Even after all this time she still missed her big sister. If Marie was Prue, she would welcome her into the manor. But first they had to convince Marie of this fact.


"Who are you?" Marie asked the stranger who was lounging on her living room sofa.

"I'm Stefan sweet thing, My, my you are certainly a sight for my not so sore eye's. Why don't you come sit by me?" Stefan said, in a voice that showed his interest.

"How about i don't." She said and pulled a face at him before walking out of the room and leaving the house.

Her mother was being blatent now. Bringing her conquests into the family home...Family 'Ha' Marie thought. Some family. She had nowhere in particular she wanted to go at this present moment in time. But one place was always peaceful for her so she headed there.

The grave stones and crosses that dotted around the cemetary were in some wierd way a comfort for her, At least she was alive, even though her life wasn't that great. She stood still on the grass of the cemetary and raised her head, eye's closed and breathed in the smell of freshly mown grass. Opening her eye's a few minutes later, she let her legs take her where they wanted to go. They carried her over to the mauseleum. Pulling open the tall heavy doors she entered and let her legs carry her forward. Looking at all the people's names she let her mind wander...imagining all that she could about the people lying in this building. She ran her hand across the names, gold plaque by gold plaque until she got to one that seemed to give her a short jolt up her spine. She looked at the name on the plaque and gasped.
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Finding the past

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Tue Mar 03, 2009 7:20 pm

Prue: Look, I know that this all sounds incredible, but it doesn't make it any less true. Alright, you're a healer, you do good, now either you have saved too many lives or you're about to save a life that they don't want you to save.

Dr. Griffiths: They?

Prue: Yeah, demons. Uh, more specifically, Shax. He was The Source's assassin.

Dr. Griffiths: Hold it, I get it. This is a practical joke, right? Do you have a hidden camera here? My second wife put you up to this? Ah, it's just like her. (He laughs.)

Prue: O-o-okay, Dr. Griffiths, listen to me, this is anything but...

(She stops.)

Piper: What?

Prue: I don't know, I just felt a chill. Phoebe? Phoebe, are you there? (A tornado of wind twists through the front door.) Phoebe, where are you?

(The tornado knocks Prue and Piper to the floor. A clap of thunder is heard, the tornado calms down and Shax appears.)

Dr. Griffiths: Dear god.

Prue: No!

(Prue gets up off the floor and pushes Dr. Griffiths out of the way. Shax throws an energy ball at Prue and she literally crashes straight through a wall. Piper gets up and Shax throws an energy ball at Piper, sending her crashing through a wall. Shax turns to Dr. Griffiths.)

Dr. Griffiths: What are you?

Shax: The end.


Coming out of her daymare Marie stumbled backwards. Tripping over and landing on her behind hard. A sharp pain shot up her already sore ankle and tears threatened to spill out of her eye's. She looked at the plaque and shock covered her whole body. Prue Halliwell was dead.A woman she had never met, but had become extremely fond of was not on this earth any longer. Then she looked at the date of death and gasped. She had died almost 26 years earlier. Marie closed her eye's and tried to collect her thoughts. She had no idea why she felt so bad right now, Prue Halliwell had never been a friend of hers, she had never been in contact with any of her family till the day before, so why did she feel so lost right now?

She tried to concentrate on her daymare, Tried to picture what she had seen in her minds eye, before it faded totally from her memory. Prue had been murdered by an ugly tall grey man, Prue had mentioned someone called Shax, was that the man who burst into the house and threw her through the wall. All she knew was that she needed answers to this, She would go back to the manor and talk to the Halliwells about this. If they were in her dreams maybe they could help her fill in any blanks she still had.

She placed her good leg on the floor and using the wall behind her scooted up the wall, lugging her crutches with her. But as she placed her casted foot on the floor she cried out in pain. She leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. How was she going to go anywhere if she could barely walk. She tried putting her weight on it again and misplaced her weight, coming crashing down to the floor. Tears falling down her face, she looked up at the ceiling of the mauseleum and cried for help, hoping somebody would hear her call. What happened next only added to her shock. A spray of white lights began forming in front of her and a familiar face appeared in front of her...Paige....It was like magic. Leaning as far into the wall as she could she never took her eye's of the woman stood in her vision.

" did you do that?"

Paige looked around her and recognised where she was immediately. Even now 26 years on her and her sisters still visited this place weekly. She looked next at Marie. Saw the fear in her eye's and bent down in front of her, causing Marie to back more into the wall.

"It's ok, Marie. I'm not going to hurt you." Paige soothed.

"Like hell you're not, how did you do that light thingy you did?"

Paige smiled.

"I'm can i explain this?...i'm a witch. A good witch."

"A...a witch...really?" Marie said relaxing a little.

After dabbling in the art herself she knew that bad witches wouldn't be this nice to someone, they would try and kill them straight away.

"So what was that called that you just did?

"You mean how i appeared? " Paige asked, Marie nodded. "It's called Orbing.I am part Whitelighter, Normal witches don't have orbing powers. What is a whitelighter?"Paige correctly assumed that Marie was going to ask." We are kinda like guardian angels for good witches." Paige finished.

Marie looked at her for a moment, taking in what she had just been told. Then looking confused she said.

"But aren't angels dead,, does that mean you are...?"

"No i'm not." Paige laughed. "My father was a whitelighter, my mom was a witch." Paige explained."Now lets get you out of here.Is there anywhere you want to go?"

"Well i tried to leave, but i had a fall and i think i've made my ankle worse. When i stood it hurt like hell."

"Well i can sort that out." Paige said and held her arms out. "Cast" she said and the cast vanished of Marie's foot and appeared in Paige's arms.

"Oh-oh." Marie gasped and jumped back in shock.Paige just smiled.

"Ok, i'm going to place my hands over your ankle, don't be afraid, it won't hurt." Paige said smiling.

Marie watched Paige and gasped when a golden light eminated from Paige's hands.It lasted a few seconds then Paige smiled up at her and said one word. "Done"

"What did you do to my ankle?" Marie couldn't help but ask.

"I healed it. Go-on, move it."Paige replyed.

Marie looked unsure at Paige, and preparing herself for the pain she had grown accustomed to shut her eye's tight and moved her ankle, surprised by the lack of pain she felt, her eyes flew open and she mouthed her favorite word of the moment again."Oh" causing Paige to smile yet again.

"So, do you want me to drop you anywhere?"

"Well i was heading to see Mrs Halliwell, I want to talk to her." Marie said.

"Want me to take you." Paige asked. Marie looked at her.

"You mean the same way you arrived?"

"Yeah." Paige nodded.

"I don't know, will it hurt?"

"Not at all." Paige said holding her hand out to Marie and helping her up.

"Ok" Marie agreed."But first. I need a shoe for this foot."

Smiling Paige and Marie orbed out of the mauseleum and into Marie's bedroom. After finding a clean pair of socks and revelling in the joy of not having any pain in her ankle anymore Marie found her trainers and slipped them on.While she was doing this Paige looked around her room. It was very neat. which was very un-teen like in Paige's opinion. She had a double bed, with a bedspread depicting egyptian heiroglyphics, her writing desk was neat with her pens and writing paper put neatly in place. Paige was growing more and more fond of this girl as the seconds ticked by. When Marie was ready she took hold of Paige's hand and they orbed out to the Manor.
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Finding the past

Postby marissalu415 » Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:19 pm

just got caught up, i'm loving it Claire. Image
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Finding the past

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:30 am

Thanks guys....did you catch the link to Prue in the last paragraphImage
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