*Our Daughters*

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*Our Daughters*

Postby shell » Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:35 am

Hi Lindsey. Another great part to your story.

I liked how all the Halliwell family were together thinking about Aria, but doing what they normally do at the same time.

I think when Piper was cooking the breakfast for everyone is what she normally does as I think it's correct that she puts others first before herself and that's why she does things like cooking breakfasts.

Piper loves cooking anyway and I think that's another reason why she does it because it's a passion of hers.

I liked it when Pheobe and Cole was talking about when she and Prue was younger because of the trouble they got in and then the pain that Prue was feeling at that age.

Then when I red about Prue and Andy still asleep together and Prue woke up because she sensed Aria there but couldn't see her. It made her happy though as she felt that her daughter was happy and fine.

Then Andy waking up and looking towards Prue's direction and holding her hand when Prue mentioned she could sense Aria near her.

I can see why Prue and Andy want her back now as it must feel like an eternity to them as they miss and love her so much.

I think by Andy putting the DVD on with one of the Christmas they spent together with Aria was really nice of Andy to do as it made him and Prue more happy.

Then Prue and Andy recalling moments from watching the DVD back made them more happy together.

I can see why Aria wants to go back sooner now as she wants to be there with her mum and dad whilst they are together and love each other so much knowing that she will be loved just as much.

Then I think the scene with the whole family together in the litchen was great as it shows how close they are as a family.

From what I red Piper knows where Aria was and that's why she blew a kiss in her direction when everyone else wasn't noticing.

So now I will just have to wait and see if Aria can go home to her family sooner instead of waiting till the week ends. So I will have to see what Leo says to the Elders and to see if that works and Aria can go home early. Image

I understand Lindsey that you have loads of work to do. I have that to come yet as I don't know how much I will get with Media - Film and Television. Image
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*Our Daughters*

Postby Linz » Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:45 am

Leo walked back into Aria's room. "They said that you can go home." Leo said. Aria jumped out of her bed and was smiling, "Seriously?" She asked. "Yes. But, they want you to understand that using magic for your own personal gain is never permitted." Leo said. "I think I got that part now." Aria said. "I didn't tell anyone at home that you are coming, so they'll be shocked." Leo said. "As happy as I am to go home, I am also a little bit nervous. I know everyone's going to be mad." Aria said.
"Not mad, Aria. Just sad. And a little frustrated, maybe." Leo said.
"I know, but they'll get over it." Aria said.
"You ready?" Leo asked, holding out his hand. Aria grabbed his hand and nodded her head yes. They orbed into her room at the manor. Leo walked into he and Piper's room. Aria walked into her Mom's room. Nobody was in there. As she was walking down the stairs, her Mom and Dad walked through the front door. They were in them middle of a conversation when they suddenly stopped talking. Aria smiled at them from the top of the stairs.
"Oooh, baby!" Prue smiled, and started running up to her daughter. She threw her coat and purse on the floor. Andy picked them up and hung them up, quickly.
"Ahh, Mommy!" Aria said, smiling excitedly.
Aria was running to her mother. They met at the bottom of the stairs and Aria jumped into her mother's arms, wrapping her legs around her waist. Prue hugged tightly to her daughter and was stroking her hair. "Don't you ever do that to me again! Those were the longest four days of my life!" Prue said. "Ugh, trust me- I won't. It was the longest four days of my life, too. I was here watching you guys, but you couldn't see me. And it was awful, missing everything!" Aria said.
Andy walked over to them and Aria hugged him tightly. Prue was still holding her not wanting to let her go. "HI pumpkin." Andy said, smiling at her, tucking her hair behind her ears.
"Hi Daddy!" Aria smiled at him.
Phoebe, Piper, and Addie came running from the kitchen. Prue turned to face them, still holding Aria.
"Aria Lucille Trudeau, I am going to kill you." Addie said. Aria looked at her, "Well ,that's a nice welcome. Missed you, love. "She said.
"Of course I missed you, boo! Don't ever go anywhere without me again." Addie said, she hugged Aria.
"Hi sweetheart." Phoebe kissed Aria's cheek and hugged her. Piper was smiling at Aria.
"Did Leo give you my message?" Piper asked.
"Yes, he did. You can kick my butt now." Aria said. They smiled at each other.
"You know I wouldn't do that. But, I will pinch it." Piper said. "Ahh, Mommy help." Aria said, laughing and squirming in Prue's arms.
Piper stopped and just hugged Aria and kissed her cheek. "Don't do that again, we missed you too much!" Piper said.
"Yes, and we were so worried." Phoebe said.
"I know, I'm sorry. Believe me, I won't." Aria said. Cole walked in the door.
"Hi." Aria said.
"Hey there little lady!" Cole said, hugging her. Prue was just hugging Aria, so afraid of letting her go.
"Okay ARia, time to dish. What was it like up there?" Addie asked. Prue put her down, and they all sat down on the couches. Prue and Andy sat on either side of Aria.
"Well.... white. It was so bright. And there were clouds everywhere and my bed was a cloud. ANd the Elders, I had to go in front of them, and they were wearing hoods. And they told me not to cast spells for personal gain, and blah blah blah." Aria said.
"Which, you understand now." Phoebe said. Arai nodded and widened her eyes.
"ANd I saw Grams and Grandma Patty!" Aria said, excitedly.
"You did? I hate you!" Addie said.
"Well, they were coming to tell me about the meeting with the Elders and to talk to me about why I cast the spell and all that. And they said they Loved me and they did not want me to do that again." Aria said.
"With good reason." Leo said. Aria nodded.
They were all talking for about another hour before they all went upstairs to bed. "Good to have you back, sweety. Love you." Piper said, hugging her niece and kissing her cheek before going into her own room.
"Thanks. Love you too." Aria said. Phoebe hugged her tightly.
"I Love you honey." Phoebe said.
"I Love you, Aunt Phoebe." Aria said.
"Night Aria. I Love you." Addie said.
"I Love you too Ad." Aria said.
"Thanks Uncle Leo, for everything." Aria hugged him.
"Your welcome." Leo said, smiling. He turned and went into his room and Addie went into hers. Prue, Andy, and Aria were standing in the hallway.
Prue took Aria's hand and led her into her bedroom. "Honey, we need to talk to you." Prue said.
Aria sighed. She knew this was coming. They all sat on Prue's bed. "Why did you cast that spell?" Prue asked, looking into her daughter's eyes.
"I.... well, I heard you guys talking in the kitchen at Dad's. And you said that it would be different if I wasn't in the picture. I know that's not what you meant, but I just got the idea that I could see what it would be like for you if I wasn't." Aria said.
"But, we Love you. You are our whole world and we would not want to be without you." Andy said.
"I knew you heard me say that. I know that was why you did it." Prue said.
"Well, it wasn't the only reason. I mean, I figured I was in the way of your relationship with each other, and that maybe.... if I wasn't here, you'd be able to spend time together and finally confess your true feelings." Aria said.
"We did spend time together, but most of it was spent talking about you." Prue said.
"And we did share some of our feelings for each other, but that doesn't change the fact that its still complicated." Andy said.
Aria laid down on her bed. "How is it complicated? I just don't understand." She said. Prue pulled her daughter back up to face them, and squinted her eyes at her, then smiled. "It just is." She said.
"But, in time- we'll work it out." Andy said.
"Okay.... I guess I can live with that, for now." Aria said, raising her eyebrows at them. They laughed.
"We need to call my Mom tomorrow." Andy said, looking at Prue.
"Yes, Grandma;s gonna kill you both for not calling her tonight." Aria said, giggling.
"Wrong missy.... she's going to kill you for casting that spell!" Prue said.
"Grandma loves me too much." Aria said. Prue smiled.
"Alright, go to bed. I Love you so much, my sweet girl." Prue said, hugging her daughter, and kissing her cheek.
"I Love you too, Mom." Aria said.
"Love you sis." Andy said, kissing her cheek.
"Love you too Dad." Aria said, hugging him.
They were about to walk out her door when Aria said, "Dad, are you staying the night?" Prue and Andy looked at each other and Prue nodded her head yes and smiled at her daughter.
"See you in the morning." Prue said, shutting Aria's door. Aria got up and changed into her pajamas. She was so happy to be home and in her own room. She brushed her teeth and then jumped into her bed, feeling so relieved to be able to sleep in her own bed!
"Ohh, I will never cast a spell like that again!" Aria whispered to herself. She raised her hand up to shut off her light and then used her power to turn on her night light. She slowly drifted off into dream land.
There ya go Shell!!! Finally got the chance to add more! Image Off to run and then tackle more homework!! hah!
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*Our Daughters*

Postby shell » Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:54 am

Hi Lindsey. Another great part to the story.

I really liked the family reuion in this story, but before that I am glad that Aria was aloud to come home early as long as she promised not to cast any more personal gain spells.

I am glad she promised, but she wanted to go home and make sure nothing happened again like this time round.

I liked the part where Prue wouldn't let go of Aria because she missed her so much and Andy going over and telling her that she was loved and that she was his and Prue's world.

I am glad that both Prue and Aria agree that it was the longest 4 days of their lives without seeing one another.

Then the whole family coming to greet Aria after they herd she was back.

I don't think Addie was inmpressed that she couldn't go with Aria and told her that. Also when she was sitting down with her family she wasn't impressed that Aria got to see Grams and their grandma Patty.

I think Aria understands that Piper still wants to kick her butt later on and Aria says Piper can do it.

At least everyone else was just happy to see her again after being gone those 4 days.

Another thing is that I am glad that Aria had the time to talk to her mum on why she had cast the spell and Prue admitting it was those words she said that made Aria go.

Then Aria also admitting why she cast the spell and other reasons why like giving her mum and dad space to get closer in their relationship. Then Prue saying why she and Andy got closer because most of the talks were about Aria.

Atleast Aria asked her dad to stay as she was happy to see her mum and dad together in one place.

So I think that helped Aria to stay happy knowing that her mum and dad was together and that she was missed and always loved by them. Which I think helped her to sleep that night knowing that and that she was also back in her own bed even though she told herself not to cast anymore personal gain spells before she fell asleep. Image
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*Our Daughters*

Postby Linz » Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:01 am

The next morning, Aria woke up around 7 a.m. Everyone was still asleep, except for Piper. She was already in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Aria headed downstairs and into the kitchen. "Morning sweetheart." Piper said. "Morning Aunt Piper." Aria said, hugging her. Piper kissed her cheek. "So glad you are back home, baby." She said. "Thanks, me too. Oh, I missed your cooking!" Aria said. Piper giggled. Aria went and picked up the phone and started dialing. "Who are you calling this early?" Piper asked, putting some batter in the waffle maker. "Grammy Elizabeth." Aria answered.
"Grammy?" Aria said, when her grandma's sweet voice came over the phone.
"Aria, is that really you honey?" Elizabeth asked.
"Yes, its me. I'm home now. I got here late last night. I'm sorry I didn't call, I didn't want to wake you." Aria said.
"That's alright sweety. I'll come see you today. In a few hours, when everybody wakes up." Grandma said.
"Well, you can come eat breakfast with us if you want to." Aria said, she looked at Piper and gave her a look like 'is that okay?' Piper smiled and gave her a thumbs up.
"Okay, well what time?" Elizabeth asked.
"Aunt Piper, what time?" Aria asked, covering the mouthpiece of the cordless phone.
"Umm.... probably 8:30. Nobody else will be awake for a little bit." Piper said. She opened the oven and put the homemade muffins in so they could bake.
"8:30 Grammy. Okay, I love you. See you then." Aria hung up the phone.
"I Love my Grandma." Aria said. Piper smiled. "I can tell. But, she is a very sweet lady so I don't know how you couldn't love her." Piper said.
Prue and Andy woke up around 7:30. Andy had set the alarm because he had to go to work today. He was in the shower and Prue was still laying in bed, looking through a 415 Magazine at the latest pictures she shot for it.
"Hmm... I do good work!" She said aloud to herself.
Andy walked out of the bathroom, with his towel still on. He has forgotten to take his clothes in there with him. He grabbed his clean clothes and walked back into the bathroom. Prue was looking at him the whole time. 'Ugh.... he's so hot.' She thought to herself, smiling as he closed the door behind him.
Andy walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later. "Men are so lucky, It takes you like 15 minutes total to get ready." Prue said.
"Yeah, I like it. I get to sleep longer." Andy smiled at her. They walked downstairs and into the kitchen where Aria was talking with Piper about traveling. Leo had just orbed in as well.
"I want to go to India, and Fiji. And Greece!" Aria said.
"Well.... maybe you will get to go there, someday." Piper said.
"Yeah right! When demon fighting takes a vacation, then I will too." Aria said.
Piper giggled. "Its not that bad sweety. We have taken vacations before." Piper said. Aria nodded.
"Well, I think we all need to go on a vacation again soon." Aria said.
Prue and Andy walked into the kitchen. "India? Why do you want to go there?" Prue asked, kissing her daughter's cheek. She and Andy sat beside each other.
"Because.... I like the culture, and the food." Aria said.
"Well, we should take a vacation soon. But, not quite so far away. Maybe, in the US." Prue said. Andy nodded in agreement.
"I could live with that." Aria said. Prue rolled her eyes and smiled at her daughter.
The doorbell rang just as Phoebe and Cole had gotten to the bottom of the stairs. Addie was not far behind them.
Phoebe walked to answer the door, and Cole walked into the kitchen. "Hi Liz!" Phoebe said, smiling and hugging her. She closed the door behind them, as they started walking to the kitchen.
"Hi honey, how are you?" Liz asked.
"Pretty good. Fighting demons, keeping tabs on Aria and Addie- or trying to at least. How are you?" Phoebe said. They both giggled.
"Good. Keeping busy at home." Liz said.
"Grammy!" Aria said, running and hugging her Grandma Elizabeth.
Liz hugged her granddaughter tightly. "Sweetheart! Don't you ever cast a spell like that again, do you hear me!?" Liz said.
"I won't Grammy, I promise." Aria said.
"Okay. Well, its good to have you home honey." Liz said.
"Its good to be home, believe me." Aria said. Aria pulled up a chair beside herself for her grandmother. They both sat down at the table.
Addie walked into the kitchen. "Hi sweety." Piper kissed her daughter's cheek.
"Hi Mama." Addie said, hugging her. And then she sat down at the table.
"Hi Liz." Addie said, smiling at her.
"Hi Addison. How are you?" Liz asked.
"Tired." Addie said. Liz giggled.
"Hi son." Liz said, looking at Andy, she smiled at how handsome her son was. And what a great father he was to Aria. She often thought, like Aria, that he and Prue belonged together. They had been together for so long. They almost broke it off once in high school, and they both almost died- being separated!
"Hi Mom." He smiled at her.
"Prudence.... how have you been?" Liz asked. She was the only person who Prue even allowed to call her Prudence. She has known her her whole life. Grams had always called her Prudence, too.
"Pretty good. Well, now that my baby is back home.. Just doing quite a few shoots for 415." Prue said.
"I know, I saw the last one. Quite impressive." Elizabeth said.
"Thank you." Prue smiled at her. Piper served everyone homemade belgian waffles with blackberries on top, maple syrup, and banana walnut muffins with strawberry jam and honey.
"Oooh Piper, this looks delicious. How is the catering business going?" Liz asked, putting a napkin in her lap. Aria did the same.
Piper giggled. "Thank you. Well, it has been keeping me so busy. I've been gone a lot lately. But, its going well." Piper answered, joining everyone at the table. They were all passing around the almond milk, pouring it in each one of their glasses.
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*Our Daughters*

Postby shell » Sat Aug 28, 2010 6:18 pm

Hi Lindsey. I should get time to read this part in the next week as now I am back from my holiday. Image

At the moment though trying to catch up with my other internet updates before me and my family go out for dinner as not since long got back. Image
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*Our Daughters*

Postby Linz » Mon Aug 30, 2010 4:17 am

After breakfast, Aria showered and got dressed. She was going over to her grandma's house. Liz was sitting down and talking to Prue and Andy in the living room. "It's so nice to have Aria back home." Liz said. "Yes it is." Prue agreed. "I just hope she never does that again." Andy said.
"I don't think she will, honey. It scared her enough." Liz said, smiling at her son.
"I hope so." Prue said.
"You know why she really cast it, don't you?" Liz asked, looking at her son and her daughter-in-law. She had her legs crossed and was sitting in the chair across from them.
Prue and Andy looked at each other. "Yes." They answered.
"What are you going to do about it?" Liz asked, looking at Andy.
He and Prue smiled at each other. "I'm working on it, Mom." Andy said, smiling at his Mom.
"Good." Liz said. Prue giggled.

A few minutes later, Aria came running down the steps. "Okay grandma, I'm ready to go." She said. She had a hot pink purse on her left shoulder, with her phone in it. She was wearing jean shorts and a yellow tank top that said 'I <3 San Fran', in hot pink, on it. And matching yellow flip flops.
"Okay sweetheart, let's go." Liz said, getting up. Aria hugged her parents.
"Please.... be home tonight when I get back from work." Prue said, kissing her daughter on the forehead.
Aria smiled. "I will, Mom." She said. Andy hugged his daughter. "Have fun." He said. "Will do." Aria said.
She and Liz walked out the front door and over to her house. Prue closed the door and turned to face Andy.
"Ugh... I have to get ready for work." Prue said.
"Me too. I need to go home and shower." Andy said. They both hugged tightly.
"I'm happy she is back." Andy said. "Oh, me too. Have a great day at work. Call me later." Prue said.
"You too. I'll call you later." Andy said. They smiled at each other and parted ways. Prue shut the door behind Andy and went upstairs to shower and get ready for work.

Aria was helping her Grandma Elizabeth bake some cookies. "What was it like up there?" Liz asked.
"It was really pretty. Really white, and clouds all over. But, the people or beings, wore white robes and hoods and I couldn't see their faces." Aria said.
"Hmm.... I bet you are glad to be home." Liz said.
"You have no idea. I missed you Grammy!" Aria said.
"Well, I missed you too honey. Why did you do it?" Liz asked. Aria sighed.
"I just.... wanted to see what it would be like for my parents if I was not in the picture." Aria answered.
"Why?" Liz asked.
"Well, I think they have been distracted by me. And they are not confessing their true feelings to each other." Aria said.
"Honey, they Love you. They will confess their feelings in time, but you can't rush it. They've been together since they were kids." Liz said.
"I know. That's exactly what Grandma Patty and Grams said." Aria said.
"Well, its true." Liz said. Aria giggled.
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*Our Daughters*

Postby shell » Tue Aug 31, 2010 9:37 am

Hi Lindsey. Great two new parts to the story.

I am so glad that everyone is happy that Aria ia back and that she had to call her grandmother personally to tell her she is back.

Then Piper being very pleased when they were both in the kitchen together.

Then I liked the Prue and Andy part as we know that Prue and Andy love and like each other very much. So I could see why Prue was thinking how great Andy looks and her telling him that he doesn't take that long to get ready. Then Andy telling her why.

Then Prue looking at the great pictures she had taken 415 magazine and saying to herself their great.

Then Aria's grandmother coming to see everyone and talk to Prue and Andy about Aria casting the spell again and what they are going to do about it.

Atleast Aria's grandmother knew in herself that Aria wouldn't cast a spell like that again as it frightend her and then Liz telling Prue she liked the photos she taken for the magazine.

I can see why Prue asked Aria to be home later after she finished work as I know that Prue and everyone else doesn't want Aria to go again.

I liked the talk Aria had with Liz about what it was like up there and that she was glad to be back home. Then Aria also telling her why she cast the spell. So her parents could have more time together when she wasn't there to distract them.

Then her grandmother telling her that her parents love her and that they will share their feelings in time. Then Aria telling her grandmother that it's exactly what Patty and Grams said.

I am glad Aria understands what Liz is saying as she knows it's true about what her parents will do about their feelings and that they love her no matter what. Image

Anyway I am glad I had the chance to catch up on what I missed and before the next part goes up as I had visions that I would of had alot of reading to catch up with when I got back off holiday Saturday. Image
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*Our Daughters*

Postby Linz » Fri Sep 03, 2010 5:38 pm

Prue was headed to work. She had a photo shoot today with all the single women of San Francisco. It was for the local magazine's cover for this month. She pulled up to the curb in Golden Gate Park. They were shooting the spread in the middle of the park, as the landscaping and trees were very beautiful. They wanted the shoot to look natural. All of the girls would be wearing sun dresses and flip flops!
Prue got out of her car and got her camera equipment together. She walked over to the group of ten women who were standing in a circle. "Hi, I'm Prue Halliwell. The photographer." She introduced herself.
"Hi." They all said. After talking for a few minutes, they all decided to start shooting. Prue would do group photos of them, and then shoot each girl solo.
"So, are you single?" One of the women asked. Prue smiled. "Yes." She answered, after thinking about for a few minutes.
"You hesitated." The girl laughed.
"Well.... its kind of complicated." Prue said.
"Mmm, understandable. All relationships are complicated." The girl, Whitney, said.
"Yes. I suppose your right." Prue said.
"Your beautiful. And you look like you need a man in your life." Another girl said.
Prue chuckled. "Wow! You sound like my daughter." She said.
"Ooh, so you have an ex then?" A woman asked.
"Well, kind of." Prue said. She smiled, thinking about Andy.
"Is he a total dirtbag?" One woman asked.
"Oooh no. Not at all. He's... fabulous. An excellent father. And friend." Prue said.
"Well, he doesn't sound like he should be an ex at all! He sounds like a keeper." Whitney said.
All the other girl nodded. "Ha! Well, enough about me. What about you girls? Why are you single?" Prue asked.
"Oh, turning the tables. Well... I just haven't found the right man yet." One girl answered.
"I haven't found anyone who deserves me." Whitney said. They all laughed.
"I just need someone who is going to be committed to the relationship. You know?" One girl said. The other women nodded.
Prue was taking their pictures, one by one, and thinking about everything they had said.
'Andy is amazing, and he Loves me. And I Love him. He definitely is a keeper. Always has been. I've kept him.... just at a distance. And why? Why should I deny myself such a perfect man? Even if I am afraid of bringing him into my world.' Prue was thinking to herself.
She decided she would call him after work, or maybe stop by his house.

A few hours later, Prue was done with the shoot and it was 3:00 p.m. She was on her way back home, and about to call Andy, when her cell phone rang. "Hello." She said.
"Mommy? Where are you?" Aria asked.
"Hey sweety. On my way home. What's up?" Prue asked.
"Well, I was over at grandma's helping her make cookies. And Aunt Phoebe came over to get me because a demon had come into the house. They need you to help get rid of it. We're not sure what demon it was yet. But we're looking in the BOS." Aria explained.
"Okay, Aria. I'll be home in a few minutes. I Love you." Prue said.
"Love you too." Aria said, hanging up the phone. Prue sighed and set her phone down in one of her empty, and very clean, cup holders.
"Every time I am going to talk to Andy, this seems to happen." Prue said aloud to herself. 'Guess I'll just have to talk to him after we deal with this.' She thought to herself. About ten minutes later, she pulled up into the driveway. Prue unloaded her camera equipment and walked inside the house. She set everything down in the 'red room' in the basement, where she developed her photos.
"Hey Mom!" Aria said, walking into the kitchen as Prue was walking back up the stairs.
"Hi!" Prue said, smiling and hugging her daughter. She kissed her cheek.
"Thanks for being home when I got back." She said.
"No problem. I'll always be here, from now on!" Aria said. Prue giggled.
"Let's go fight this demon, shall we?" Prue asked.
"Yes, let's." Aria grabbed her hand and they walked upstairs to the attic.
"How was your shoot?" Aria asked, as they were walking up the steps to the attic.
"Great! I photographed ten single ladies in San Francisco. Beautiful and independent women." Prue said.
"Well, you should have been on the cover." Aria complimented her Mom. Prue smiled. "Your so sweet." She said. Aria smiled. They walked into the attic and Piper and Phoebe were looking through the Book of Shadows with Leo.
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*Our Daughters*

Postby shell » Tue Sep 07, 2010 9:36 am

Hi Lindsey I finally got around to reading the new part of the story.

Anyway I liked the idea and setting of this part as it did make it very natural being in Golden Gate Park to have Prue's photoshoot taking place.

I liked the interation between the single women and Prue when it came to talking about men. Then Prue thinking to herself that she has a great man in her life and to say she hasn't because of some of the feelings she is feeling.

I think Prue was right to think that as she knows it true.

Then Prue thinking to herself that she should call Andy when she gets back into the car after her photoshoot, but ends up getting that call from Aria to say there is a demon after her.

I knew Prue would go stright to her daughter if she knew she was in trouble even if it ment calling Andy on hold till after she had delt with the demon.

Then after Prue got back home it was so sweet that she said to her daughter that she was so greatful for her to still be there. Then Aria saying she will always be there when she gets home.

I liked what Aria said to Prue about her being on the front cover as she was going with what her mum said about the other women. Them being beautiful and all.

I think if Prue was on the cover she would look really great on it too like Aria was saying.

Then Prue saying her daughter was so sweet thinking that about her. Image

Anyway that's my reveiw for this part of your story so I hope you like it. Image
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*Our Daughters*

Postby Linz » Fri Sep 10, 2010 3:39 pm

Piper and Phoebe were standing on either side of Leo while he held his hands over the BOS, turning the pages quickly to different entries about a demon, who was hooded in a white robe (to throw people off!) and usually tried to bite its victims. It was a vampire!
"So, what are they called?" Prue asked, not being able to see the book. She and Aria were standing by the trunk in the attic, leaning against it. Her arms were folded across her chest.
"White vampires." Leo said.
"Hmm... that's interesting." Phoebe said.
"Contrary to popular belief, they actually wear other colors besides black." Leo explained.
"So, when do they usually attack?" Piper asked.
"Any time, day or night. Which is unusual for a vampire. They're a different species than your typical vampires that you hear about in stories and legends." Leo said.
"Huh! So much for it just being a story or a legend!" Aria said. Everyone raised their eyebrows and nodded in agreement.
"And what are their typical victims?" Prue asked.
"Females. Especially young ones." Leo said, looking at Aria. Everyone else did too.
"Awww man. What do we do?" Aria asked, sighing and laying her head on Prue's shoulder. Prue took her hand and kissed it.
"Its okay, we'll keep you safe." She said. Aria half-smiled.
Addie was standing by Piper and had her arm around her Mom's shoulder. They looked at each other. "Does this mean I have to sleep in your room again!? Please say no." Addie said. Piper giggled and nodded her head no.
"Why is it always us?" Aria asked. Addie shrugged. "Because wer'e hot." She joked. Aria laughed. "Well, can't argue with that." Aria said. They were both laughing.
"I think all of you would be in danger, not just Aria and Addie. Your the Charmed Ones and if they bite you- your magic will go straight into them." Leo explained.
"Well, how do we prevent their attacks? And if they do bite us... how do we undo it and get our powers back?" Phoebe asked.
"Well... we just have to be prepared for them to come. We can do the age old trick of putting circles of salt around, and using our Protective Charms on all of you. But... they may be able to break through them because they are part human. That's the other part that sucks." Leo said. All the girls sighed.
"Great. So, how long will this go on?" Prue asked, putting her face in her hands momentarily and then tucking her hair behind her ears.
"I'm not sure. The way for us to get rid of them is to turn them on each other. Let them accidentally attack each other. That's how they can be vanquished. So, Piper can freeze them and Prue- you can move them, or Phoebe can fly them to each other. Then unfreeze, and you know the drill." Leo said. They all nodded.
"And if they attack when we're alone. Or when Piper is not around?" Phoebe asked.
"We're screwed." Addie said. Piper looked at her and raised her eyebrows.
"Sorry, but its true!" Addie exclaimed.
"Well, if we rough them up and throw them around a little- they'll leave. So, we just need to stay together right now as much as possible." Leo said.
"Well, what about my events that I have to cater? And Prue has photo shoots, and Phoebe's radio show?" Piper asked.
"And Aria's life at school?" Aria asked.
"Yes, Addie's too!" Addie exclaimed.
"Honey, maybe you should just.... be home-schooled for awhile. With everything that's going on." Prue suggested. Aria was thinking intensely for a minute.
"Home-schooled in witchcraft or regular school work? Because, you know how much I hate math, like algebra." Aria asked.
"Well, we would have to make it appear as though you were doing regular work. But, we can teach you more about the craft. After all, its what you will be using for the rest of your life, not algebra." Prue said. Aria smiled and jumped up and down, really excitedly! Everyone giggled.
"Mom, I think your a genius!" Aria hugged her tightly.
"Wait.... what about Dad?" Aria asked, looking at her Mom. Prue hugged her daughter back.
"I'll talk to him about it." Prue said.
"Yay! Oh.... Uncle Leo, is my Dad going to be safe? No vampires will try to attack him?" Aria asked.
"No. Because he is not magic. That's all they are interested in. Is becoming magic to increase their abilities of what they can do." Leo said.
"Good! Okay, let's go salt this place up!" Aria said. They all laughed and then walked downstairs to the kitchen. Leo stayed in the attic for a few minutes and recited the spells for the Protective Charm on the girls. After they finished putting salt around their rooms and parts of the house, Prue called Andy from her cell phone.
"Hey you." Andy said, when he answered.
"Hi." Prue said, she smiled. It was so refreshing to hear his voice after all the drama they just encountered with the white vampires!
"What's going on?" Andy asked.
"Oh... you know, the usual. A lot.." Prue said.
"Hmm... you want to talk about it over dinner? Just us?" Andy asked.
"Andy, are you asking me out on a date?" Prue asked. She was smiling from ear to ear. Prue could feel him smiling.
"Yes, I think I am." Andy said.
"How sweet. You haven't done that since high school." Prue said.
"I know. And believe me, its long over due." Andy said.
"I agree. What time?" Prue asked.
"Seven. I'll pick you up." Andy said.
"Sounds good. See you then. Bye." Prue said.
"See you later." Andy said, and they hung up. Prue looked at her clock, it was 5:02 p.m. She decided to go to the kitchen to drink some tea with Aria, and then would take a shower.
"Mmm, I love when Aunt Piper makes this blueberry tea. So good!" Aria said, sitting beside Prue at the table. They were facing each other.
"Me too. So baby... how have things been at school?"
"Okay. I mean, I have a lot of great friends. But, Addie is my best one. She's the only one who truly knows me, including our secret. But... I am not going to miss school at all. I hate having to sit around in class all day. Addie does too. We're always talking about home and stuff. Our life here is great!" Aria said. Prue smiled. She was so glad that she could make her daughter happy and that Aria and Addie were such good girls.
"Well, I'm glad you feel that way. We Love you and we all try to make things as good as possible, under the circumstances. Aria smiled. "I know." She said. She was thinking about her parents again, and Prue was too. They both knew this, but didn't touch on the subject.
"Well, I have to go get ready." Prue said, getting up and putting her glass in the sink, and the tea back in the refrigerator.
"For what?" Aria asked, also getting up to put her cup in the sink.
"I'm going on a date." Prue said. Aria looked horrified for a minute.
"What?!" She asked.
"Chill sweety.... its with your Dad." Prue said, giggling at her daughter's quickly changed expression. It went from mad to extremely elated!
"Oh sweet! Have fun!" Aria said. They both walked upstairs and Prue went into her room, and Aria into Addie's.
"Guess what?" Aria asked, when she opened the door. Addie was sitting at her vanity, writing in her journal.
"What?" She asked.
"My parents are going on a date!" Aria exclaimed.
"Finally! Its been like a million years since they did that!" Addie said.
"I know. Its so great!" Aria said, she laid down on Addie's bed. They continued talking for another hour, both of them very excited about being home-schooled.
Okay shell, here you go! Sorry it has been awhile since I have added! haha! School is crazy this semester! I can't wait until December and its over! LOL! Hope your doing well!! Thanks for reading! I am going to read more of your story ASAP! Image
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