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Postby lilmisshalliwell » Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:35 pm

Ok guys this is the start of a new story, really do not know were to go with it yet, but I had to start somewhere


As the dark haired woman walked, she glanced behind her, nerves rising in her chest, telling herself she had misheard them steps, her hand ready to grab the mace in her purse.
Looking up she saw her car in the distance, feeling relieved she sped up slightly, made difficult only by the 8 month bump protruding from her waist. What was that? She was positive she heard a noise,
Looking around her, she stopped in her tracks, trying to see round the cars in the parking lot, she didn't see anyone, Taking a deep breath and telling herself all was good, she continued to her car.
Fumbling in her purse she found her keys and reached the car, shaking slightly, she felt her baby kick, as if she was saying " Don't worry mummy, I got you" Smiling at the thought she got her car door open,
As she attempted to squeeze into the drivers side seat, she felt a jab in her back, and all of a sudden she was not alone, a hand went round her mouth and nose and she felt a hot breath on her neck as her assailant
leant close to her.
"Scream and you die, now move, and keep your eyes closed."
Scared she did as he asked, he forced her round to the passenger side of her car and opened the door. He repeated the last command.
"Get in and keep your eyes closed. Do not look at me."
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Re: Destination

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:55 am

Heart beating she did as she was told, she felt the passenger door slam shut, making her jump, and she placed a protective hand on her bump. She felt him slip in beside her, the door slammed and the car started up.

Fear was running through her veins, she was scared as to what he wanted from her, was he going to kill her, rape her, what ? As if reading her mind he spoke. His voice was deep and husky and had a slight Texas accent,
she thought she had better memorise his voice if she was, by some miracle, released safe and unharmed.
"I'm not going to hurt you, or your baby, I just need to get someplace."
She nodded and chanced a look at him, she wasn't expecting the punch that landed on her face.
"I said don't look at me" he hissed at her
Hot tears fell down her stinging face.
"I...I'm sorry, please drop me somewhere, you can have the car."
Silence...then his hand was on her bump, rubbing in circles, she tensed.
"You know, my woman just had a baby, wasn't mine. The whore slept around, so I had to do it."
" what?"
"I shot her, and the kid too, she had it coming."
She shivered, was this how it would end for her? Kidnapped? Murdered? Would she ever see her husband again, or her sisters.
" So...What do i call you?" He asked.
Again she tensed, should she tell him her real name? No, she would lie.
"A...Abbey, name is Abbey"
"You sure?"
"You're lying"
" i'm not"
He punched her again, it was so unexpected that her head slammed into the car door window, her head began throbbing, and her stomach started doing somersaults, she craddled her head, and the tears fell thick and fast.
She felt the car stop, this was it, he was going to kill her, instead he grabbed her by her blouse and pushed her up to the car door, his face close to hers, his voice menacing.
"I really hate liars, you know. You know that...Prue?"
"I'm sorry"
"Sorry...Sorry, ( He sighed deeply) you know what, get out, oh and don't go to the pigs, i have your purse."
He reached round her, and she felt the car door open, he pushed her out, she landed hard on her stomach and the worst pain shot through her, the car sped off, and she was left alone, Finally she opened her eyes,
she was laying on the ground, a bridge loomed high above her, and there was trashcans burning fires all around her, three or four homeless people dotted around the place, and thier eyes were fixed on her. She attempted to stand,
but fell back down, her legs were so weak, they couldn't hold her up, she looked around her for a phone, not seeing one she began to panic. Looking again at the homeless people, she spotted two of them in deep conversation,
until one of them rushed away, and his chat partner began walking towards her, she was scared, and tried shuffling backwards, he stopped and raised his hands in mock surrender.
"I'm not going to hurt you, or your baby miss"
She froze, that was the second time she had heard that tonight, and look were it got her, she backed up more, her back hitting the wall of the bridge, she looked around panic rising,
did the man from the car leave her here so this person could finish her off? Where they in on it together? He moved closer to her, his hands still raised, She screwed her eyes shut, if he was going to end her, she prayed he would
do it quickly, she pictured her husband, and her sisters finding out. Pictured her mother meeting her on the other side, this was her death.
Suddenly she heard sirens in the distance, she opened her eyes and looked at the homeless guy, he was looking in the direction of them too, then he looked back at her.
"My friend called an ambulance miss, you'll be ok now."
She stared at him, he had helped her and she had thought the worst, she managed a weak smile and said thank you with her eyes, then she saw the flashing lights screaming towards her, she was saved.
She watched as the paramedics jumped out of the ambulance and ran towards her, watched as they ushered the homeless man away and that's when her world went dark.
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Re: Destination

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:31 am

Opening her eyes, she found herself in a room she didn't recognise, her mouth was dry, licking her lips she tried to focus, her eyes were full of sleep so she tried to reach up to rub them, she couldn't move her hand freely,
something was attached. She looked at her hand and saw that she had a tube in her vein. Her movement seemed to have alerted a figure that was sleeping soundly half way down her bed.
She recognised the voice of that of her sister Piper.
"Oh thank god, Prue we were so worried."
"Were ...were am I?"
"You're in the hospital sweetie."
Suddenly the last few hours she could remember flooded back to her, and she tensed up.
"He has our address Piper, you can't go back there"
"The man who took me, he has my purse, my car, it's not safe anymore"
She began crying, and Piper enveloped her in a hug, confused.
Piper sat up straight, and looked down at her sister, she was scared, and Piper had rarely seen her big sister scared before,she was usually the strong one.
"Tell me what happened Prue?"
"I can't, Piper, I can't talk about it, my baby, were is my baby?"
Prue was looking down, towards her stomach, it was flatter than she remembered it, she looked at Piper, who looked away.
"Piper where is my baby?"
Sighing deeply, Piper took hold of Prue's hand.
"She was in distress when they brought you in, they performed a c-section while you were unconcious, she's in trouble Prue, something caused her to have a fractured rib, she's holding on though"
Prue pictured when she fell out of the car, that must have been it, she had killed her baby, she started to cry, and Piper held her close.
They stayed like that for what seemed like forever until the door opened and Prue's youngest sister walked in, looking tired and dishevelled, but she brightened up when she saw Prue was awake.
She rushed over to her and hugged her tight, from the other side of the bed that Piper was on.
"Oh Prue, i was so worried, thank god you're awake, this has been the hardest two weeks of my life, seeing you like this"
Prue pushed her back slightly and looked into her face confused, then she looked at Piper.
"Two weeks? I've been here two weeks?
Piper looked down.
"Yes" she whispered.
"And you two have been here all the time?"
"Yes, Prue,of course, we haven't left your side." Phoebe replied.
"So you haven't been back to the manor?"
"A couple of times, yea, to get cleaned up and we came straight back, i promise...Prue...whats wrong?"
Prue had physically paled, he could have been there watching her sisters, he could know what they look like, he could be after them too, he had already killed two people, they could have been next.
She grabbed an arm each of her sisters.
"You can't go back there, you hear me, stay away from the manor"
She was breathing heavy and had a look of pure terror in her eyes, a look that really scared her sisters, this wasn't Prue, this wasn't her at all."
Piper looked at Phoebe, who looked as freaked out as she felt, both worried as to what had gotten into thier once strong and fearless older sister.
"Ok" They both said together.
"He took my purse, he knows were we live." Prue cried.
"P...Prue, i think you should rest, i'll call a hotel and book us a room, its ok, we won't go back to the manor."
Prue nodded and closed her eyes, within minutes she was asleep, exhaustion taking hold.
Piper placed a hand on Phoebes arm and nodded to the door, rising softly they made thier way out of the room.
"We have to call the police"
"I agree, but first i want to check on our neice."
Piper nodded and they made thier way to special care.
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Re: Destination

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Wed Apr 01, 2015 2:00 pm

Making thier way towards special care an alarm suddenly eminated through the walls of the hospital, Piper and Phoebe looked at each other and ran the rest of the way to thier destination, it was coming from special care and
Piper immediately felt her chest tighten.The entrance was an intercom admittance and she began pushing the buzzer rapidly, a stressed voice came over the intercom.
"Can i help you?"
"Yes, we are here to see baby Halliwell, let us in, let us in now"
Silence, Piper pressed the buzzer again, she was in a panic now, her heart was telling her she needed to get in. The same voice replied again
"Can i help you?"
"It's still us, we need to get in..."
The door opened and a doctor walked out with a nurse,
"File the paper, and give me a minute i need to inform her mother, i always hate this part of the job."
Piper walked up to him and pulled on his arm, he turned and looked at her, his face paling.
"Please tell me it isn't my neice, please"
She was cut of by a scream inside the special care unit, facing the unit, she rushed in to find her sister on her knees, sobbing, she reached her in seconds, and looked through the window of the room her neice was being kept in,
she saw the crib first, then the drawing she had drew for her neice, then a pile of blankets inside the crib. They were still, she fell to her knees, crying, her tears mixing with Phoebe's. Her neice was dead, how would she tell Prue.
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Re: Destination

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Wed Apr 01, 2015 2:43 pm

Some time later they found themselves outside Prue's room, they saw the doctor leaving, and knew the next step was going to be hard, both taking deep breaths they entered the room to find Prue sobbing,
her husband Andy was by her side, and he just looked numb, he was cradling her in his arms and stroking her hair. When she saw her sister's Prue broke down even more, her heart was braking, she blamed herself.
If only she had fell a different way, and not onto her stomach maybe her daughter could have been safe. Piper and Phoebe reached her side in seconds and pulled her and Andy into a hug, words were not needed,
the pain they were all in was very clear. There was a knock at the door, Phoebe excused herself and answered it, stood there was Andy's police partner Daryl. Phoebe hugged him and ushered him inside.
He walked over and took hold of Prue's hand.
She looked up at him, tears shining on her bruised face.
"Are you up to talking about what happened before you were admitted?"
"Daryl, now's not a good time, we just lost our baby," Andy replied.
" i'm sorry, that's awful, it's ok, i'll come bac..."
"No Daryl its ok, stay, i'll talk" Prue cut in.
"Andy i have to do this, our daughter ( she sighed) our daughter... Melinda is gone, i want to help catch this guy"
"Take your time, whatever you remember could help." Daryl coaxed gently.
Piper and Phoebe sat in the guest chairs and Andy stayed by his wifes side. Prue took a deep breath and began.
"I was walking to my car after finishing work, it was my last day before my maternity leave began, i just wanted to get home, take a hot bath and cuddle up with my husband in front of the television, I heard a noise
but couldn't see anyone. I thought i'd heard footsteps before but i thought i was alone. I got to my car, and thats when he grabbed me. he had a gun, i think."
"You think?" Daryl asked.
"Yes, he pushed something into my back, and told me not to scream or i would die."
"Did you see his face?"
"He told me to keep my eyes closed, i was too scared not to do as he told me, i tried to look at him in the car and he punched me"
Prue felt Andy tense beside her, she looked at him, his jaw was set and he looked angry.
Andy looked at her, and kissed her on her forehead.
"Carry on Prue, i'm ok"
"We drove for about ten minutes, and he told me..."
Prue sighed and took a deep breath, this was harder than she thought.
"He told me his 'woman' had just had a baby, that she had cheated on him, so he shot her and the baby, to teach her a lesson."
Tears were flowing freely down her face by now. Andy was getting more and more concerned.
"Prue,you should stop now..."
"NO, I'm sorry Andy... I need to get this out. So... after he told me that we drove for a while, he rubbed my stomach...he told me he wouldn't hurt me or my baby. Finally he asked my name, I lied and gave him a fake name
but he must have looked in my purse at my id, because he called me on it. He asked me a few times if that was my real name, and then he punched me again and called me a liar, he stopped the car were i was found and pinned me
up against the door, told me he hated liars. Then he told me to get out and not go to the police, that he had my purse. He opened the door and pushed me out, thats when I landed on my stomach, thats when i killed my baby."
Prue broke down, and Andy hugged her to him.
"You didn't kill her Prue, none of this is your fault, you did everything he asked."
"But i didn't see his face, i can't identify him....wait...the homeless guy, he may have seen him, you need to find him Daryl."
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