B.H. 90210 - Screen Captures

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B.H. 90210 - Screen Captures

Postby triquetra » Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:42 pm

digitalghost wrote:I'm impressed you're watching the whole entire thing. I'd never find the time. I stopped at season 4 but I'm still curious what happens to the rest of the characters. I mean 10 seasons is a lot. Image I'll watch it when I'm old or something. And yes I agree Shannen was the best part of the show.

Well, for two years now (I think) I've been watching episodes on a regular basis. In the evenings, of course. Rather than watching a movie, I'd watch an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210.

However, at the moment, I have to wait. The Season 10 box set won't come out until next month... Image

When I buy that, all that rests is the box set for Season 2, which I still don't have (I should be ashamed, I know...)

Anyway, wish me luck! Image
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Re: B.H. 90210 - Screen Captures

Postby violet » Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:09 pm

Thanks for the links to the screen caps!!I think it's very interesting making them because you can see her growing up, from a very cute girl in 1990 to her most beautiful in 1994 (with long hair).
Here there is a great site with Beverly Hills 90210 captures (all the entire shows/seasons):
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