Shannen's Comments About Charmed. Please Read...

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Shannen's Comments About Charmed. Please Read...

Postby Dianna » Sun Oct 30, 2005 2:46 am


Shannen Doherty wrote:no, i will not be returning to Charmed

Shannen Doherty wrote:no i did not give charmed permission to use my image.I will have to check on that one so thanks for letting me know.

Shannen Doherty wrote:no i will not be on charmed

Shannen Doherty wrote:First,i will not be returning to charmed.There was never a conversation about it,meaning it will never happen.There are many reasons for that but they are private.However i will say that i think Rose does a great job. I talked with her recently in New York and she is a great girl!

Please don't post any questions about her coming back or why she left.
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