Saddest 90210 Moments

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Saddest 90210 Moments

Postby misscruz17 » Wed Feb 04, 2009 3:38 am

I don't know, I think I cry all the time I'm such a whiner, i cry at my 2 favorite shows, BH 90210 and Friends..

I hardly cry... tv or real life... And 90210 does get the water works going quite frequently...
Especially since I'm watching them for the first time now...
1-3 only so far...

BUT... the show that gets me going EVERY time.... is THIRD WATCH. Not only is it my favourite (almost) of ALLLLL times (Buffy, Angel, Charmed first).... I cry in EVERY SINGLE episode... WITHOUT a single exception. I'm a blubbering fool when I watch that show.

Sorry, sort of off topic. just my two cents worth...
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Saddest 90210 Moments

Postby dylandog90210 » Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:57 pm

I would like to say that an other saddest moments is when at the beginning of season 5 Dylan tried to kill himself with drugs and when he had that car accident and he made that dreams that made him understand that there is always a purpose to life....
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Saddest 90210 Moments

Postby Sarah-Lucy » Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:35 pm

when young scott died that was so sad and moving. i heard he was a successful real estate now though. Image
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Saddest 90210 Moments

Postby Prudence#1 » Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:50 pm

When Brenda and Dylan first broke up is so sad, as they are both hurting.

When Dylan choosed Kelly over Brenda. I never really forgave any of them. But somehow it was easier forgiving Dylan since he was there for her when no one else was in season 4, like that time she was in jail and Dylan comes bailing her out and Kelly is mooping about it,and then admitts to Brenda she is jealous of her because as she said" I cant help but think you will always be the one that he will remember as the great love of his life" and when he stood by her when everyone else thought she has slept with the director. and him getting her in Palm Springs.
You can see through out the season when they are not together they they are still in love and they do belong together, I still think that. Even his sister though he should be with Brenda.

When we hear Brenda is not coming back.

When Scott died, and David is talking to Brandon and the microphone is on, and the whole school listens.

When Toni died.

When Andrea leaves and reminise in the car as she leaves I always cry.

And when Brandon leaves is so sad, with that music playing and David saying goodbye to Brandon on his radioshow, I always cry.

Donna and David breaking up.

And them marrying, as that is the last episode of 90210 it is sad.
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