Stunt Titles

Come on in and talk about season one and the other eight wonderful episodes of season two that she hosted!

Stunt Titles

Postby Kristin Marie » Tue Aug 19, 2003 3:18 am

Season 1
1. Episode 101

Pre-Show Warning:
This show was done by professionals.
Trying to copy us would be dangerous.
Don't try this at home!

Ravers Attacked
(aka UFO Abduction)
A trip to a rave is cut short by a nasty visitor from above.

Loose Cannon
(aka Firing Range)
Weapons testing has an unexpected result for Shannen Doherty's "uncle."

Cemetery Panic
(aka Buried Alive)
A man discovers that his friend has been accidentally buried alive.

Camp Kill
Camp counselors fear for their lives when a serial killer is discovered to be nearby.

Deleted Scene:
A prank involving a man who enters a supposedly radioactive warehouse was cut out of the episode.

b: 04-Apr-2003 pc: 101

NOTE: Shannen announced on "The View" that the section with the bio-haz scene has been cut in light of recent events.
The woman in the UFO Abduction prank IS NOT Kara Blanc, the woman who sued the show. Pranks are filmed multiple times with different "victims" and the version used in the premiere episode featured a different woman.


2. Episode 102

Pre-Show Warning:
We know how to scare people safely.
Don't try it yourself.
Someone could lose an eye.

Campers Attacked
(aka Bigfoot Attacks)
Teens on a camping trip get a visit from a local legend.

Where's Shannen?
Shannen Doherty's new assistant is setup as the prime suspect in a kidnapping plot.

(aka Flatline)
A medical testing subject witnesses a heart experiment gone wrong.

The Hitchhiker
(aka Psycho Hitchhiker)
A partygoer learns that it is never a good idea to pick up strangers.

b: 04-Apr-2003 pc: 102

NOTE: Originally premiered back-to-back with the first episode.
Music heard during "Flatliners" is from Billy Corgan's musical score to Stigmata.


3. Episode 104

Clone Attack
A clean-up crew discovers that a genetics lab has left behind one of their experiments-gone-wrong.

Orgy from Hell
A man invites his friend to an exclusive party hosted by a creepy cult.

White Trash Killer
(aka Repo Man)
A repo man is sent to a house where repo men go in but they never come out and soon enough finds out why.

Monkey Trouble
Hired to perform at a zoo party a man finds himself face-to-face with the zoo's resident 300-pound ape.

b: 11-Apr-2003 pc: 104

NOTE: The chanting in the "Orgy from Hell" sequence is Merlin's "Charm of Making" from the movie Excalibur


4. Episode 105

Meteor Man
After witnessing a meteor crash and its horrible side effects a man realizes that he's seen too much when two FBI agents arrive to make matters worse.

Date with the Devil
A young man's blind date is interrupted by a priest who arrives to perform an excorcism on his beautiful (and possessed) date.

Barbershop of Blood
A rare time when you won't feel sorry for the "victim" as this time the "victim" turns out to be a prankster bent on scaring the hell out of an elderly barber. The tables are turned and the prankster gets his just dessert.

Taxi Cab Carnage
Shannen Doherty takes her friends on a trip to Las Vegas that quickly turns into a nightmare when a cab ride back to the hotel ends with a hit-and-run victim looking for revenge.

b: 18-Apr-2003 pc: 105

NOTE: Barbershop of Blood features the premiere episode of "Fear Antics," a fake reality show used to con pranksters into thinking that they're pulling the prank when in reality the joke is on them.


5. Episode 108

Ghost Train
A worker is trapped in a truck as a giant freight train hurtles toward him on supposedly abandoned tracks.

Body in Trunk
A man is pulled out of a restaurant by police officers who tell him that they have found a dead body in his trunk.

Whip It Good
(aka Dominatrix for a Day)
A receptionist assists a therapist with some intense methods for pleasing her clients. Fortunately for one client this receptionist gets a big kick out of these intense methods.

It's Out There
(aka Desert Monster)
A night-shift laborer finds himself the last man standing as a mysterious creature devours his co-workers one by one.

b: 25-Apr-2003 pc: 108


6. Episode 103

Organ Harvest
A receptionist hoping for a career in the medical community gets more than she bargained for when the doctor she's working for turns out to be an organ dealer in the black market.

Monster in the Closet
A babysitter loses the child she's looking after but it's to what she lost it to that shocks her.

Disappearing Stripper
A man at a bachelor party gets caught red-handed when a stripper disappears and the only evidence left is what appears to be blood on his hands.

Limo in Area 51
Partygoers on their way to a desert party near the infamous Area 51 discover how serious the government is about keeping that area a secret.

b: 02-May-2003 pc: 103


7. Episode 110

Harsh Reality
A young man is hired to work on what he thinks is a new reality series about Shannen Doherty. Soon things get scarier than the Anna Nicole Show when a psycho invades Shannen's new home.

Dr. Werewolf
In another installment of "Fear Antics" a prankster in need of a lesson has the tables turned on him when his prank involving a werewolf sends a woman, who happens to be armed with a gun, off the deep end.

Bubble Boy
(aka Boy in the Bubble)
A young woman is hired to look after a teenager who is forced to live in a plastic room because of a serious illness. But due to faulty equipment the "bubble" room begins to fail on him as his babysitter scrambles to help.

Burn Baby Burn
(aka Virgin Sacrifice)
A man invites his friend to what turns out to be a ritualistic sacrifice in the desert but things don't go as planned as a man's clothes catch fire and he burns to death.

b: 09-May-2003 pc: 110


8. Episode 109

UFO Trailer Attack
A college student realizes she is not alone when aliens abduct her best friend right before her eyes.

The Cannibal Family
A nanny learns that her new family has a taste for blood.

Séance From Hell
A young actor loses his cool when a hidden-camera séance turns deadly.

Driving the Dead
A cemetery worker gets the shock of his life when a corpse reanimates in the back of his hearse.

b: 20-Jun-2003 pc: 109


9. Episode 111

Chupacabra Attack

Deadly Secret

Lights Out

Black Magic

b: 27-Jun-2003 pc: 111


10. Episode 107

Tanning Salon Terror
An experimental tanning cream leaves a young girl with an unwanted glow.

Cable Killers
Agents posing as cable-TV installers ransack a victim's house in search of a secret device.

Little Girl Psychic
A young psychic predicts a horrific future for an unsuspecting restaurant patron.

Runaway Corpse
The corpse inside an unearthed coffin seemingly awakes from the dead.

b: 11-Jul-2003 pc: 107


11. Episode 112

Hazmat Hell
A young man finds himself trapped in a warehouse filled with hazardous biochemical waste.

Surgery Nightmare
A boyfriend is horrified when a simple surgical procedure turns his girlfriend into a hideous monster.

Death Lunch
A tainted appetizer turns a casual lunch into a 911 emergency.

Bad Seed
A new babysitter learns that this little girl always gets her way — or else!

b: 18-Jul-2003 pc: 112


12. Episode 113

Laboratory Meltdown
A new security system fails, trapping workers in a room filled with deadly gas.

Eye Witness
An office-worker finds himself implicated in a violent, government-backed conspiracy.

Unborn Clones
A woman is shocked to learn that her husband has promised to rent her reproductive system to a shady medical firm.

Silo Scare
A business is evacuated when federal agents tell its employees they are sitting on top of an unstable nuclear weapon.

b: 25-Jul-2003 pc: 113


13. Episode 106

Lab Spill
A toxic spill leads to deadly consequences in a chemistry lab.

Haunted Babysitter
A babysitter discovers she is trapped in a haunted house.

Serial Killer
A job applicant is fingered as a fugitive serial killer.

An experimental car that runs on "radioactive fuel" is sent hurtling toward a brick wall.

b: 01-Aug-2003 pc: 106


14. Episode 114

Deadly Feast
A worker at a soup kitchen is horrified to learn that the chef is a cannibal.

Fear in the Box
A new species of predator is on the loose and hunting a couple of warehouse employees.

Fear Antics: Psycho
A naïve actor playing the part of Norman Bates takes the role too far — but the joke's on him.

Maniac Cop
A group of partygoers is left at the mercy of an escaped maniac, who has commandeered their vehicle.

b: 08-Aug-2003 pc: 114
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