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If you'd like to talk about a particular movie that Shannen has been in or a TV show/appearance, that has not been listed above then this is the place to talk about it!

Best | Worst movies!

Postby kido » Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:30 am

I know it's sound pretty bad, but please lets keep it real, witch you favorite Shannen Movies, and umm less favorite)

My Fav.

Heathers - "Cuz' i can be")

Friends Till the Ends - Best movie in this genre

Sleeping with the Devil - Strong performance, amazing story.

Jailbreaker - love the cast, story is amazing!

Margaret Mitchel Story - Strong performance.

The Rendering - Great directing, great cast, love the story.

View Of Terror - Great directing, great cast, love the story.

Christmas Caper - Aww, just love that movie.

Growing the Big One - Huge chemistry between all cast, nice story.

Less Fav.

Almost Dead - Actually in my country ppl love this movie, but i hate the story, directing, acting..

Striking Posses - just really boring movie.

Blindfold act of obsession - Well, as much i love all this shannen scene:) it's like the worst think i ever see.

Lost treasure of the Grand Canyon - WOW, it's guilty pleasure, with worst syfy style!
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