Blindfold: Acts Of Obsession/JailBreakers/Burning Palms.

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Blindfold: Acts Of Obsession/JailBreakers/Burning Palms.

Postby PrudenceGemini » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:21 pm

Okay so these are the recent films I got for my birthday *Party* (I finally turned 16!! :D) thought I'd post my reviews/thoughts on in order of watching them and well the actual order they were released lol

Blindfold.... It was um.. Not one of my faves truthfully. Honestly bits of it made me want to throw up. Shannen was great in the bits I didn't hide under the cover for. Not being prudish or anything but it was just *Shudders* I think Shannen could've done without that particular film. Okay so that's another of her films ticked off and added to the collection but being 16 its not a film I'd recommend to my friends. Her acting was still great in the 15 rated parts.

Jailbreakers.... Loved it! Absolutely friggin amazing I say. I didn't even mind that scene in the car cause it wasn't especially explicit. Doesn't mean I looked though :lol: Antonio Sabato Jr is hot! No two ways about it (he also tweeted me twice :D) so I loved theielr scenes, they were sosososo amazing in it and as soon as it finished I wanted to watch it again. A film I would deffo recommend to my friends. Also seeing as the character was my age I deffo loved it even more :3

Burning Palms.... Too funny! I loved the majority of the parts without Shannen, apart from the S. E. X. Bits obvs, but hey! At least I finally know how S. E. X. Between two guys looks now :/ her accent was amazing! A little too british as in she was trying too hard to do it and it reminded me of when I try an american accent :lol: it was esp funny when the kid said "That accent is fake." And she was just like giving him evils. Then he asked her if she did it on the couch, see sexual innuendoes I can put up with, love 'em! I came up with most of them :lol: then when she was like "We're gonna have to do a lot of work on you." And kept glancing nervously at him. Ooh can't forget, the little girl Mahogany's hunting skills, priceless!

Ah that's why she's so amazing! She's funny, serious, and stunning obvs. So glad she's my fave actress, she's just so amazing. Next film I'm getting is Gretl: Witchslayer (Or whatever its called now, they've named it so many diff things I can't keep up)
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