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Roxanna and Roger on Season I Rules of Engagement

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:59 pm
by Kristin Marie
This is what Roxana Zale said about the first episode.

Yayy so happy episode 1 arrived! The ball is rolling for Shannen’s wedding, woohoo. It’s going to be a crazzzzy ride.

Seeing us walk into Geary’s reminded me how much she took on trying to plan this wedding in such a short amount of time. Yikes! I really loved she included me in being a part of picking her wedding registry..Luckily her hyperventilation moment didn’t turn into her passing out in Geary’s, haha…

Decisions, decisions, football vs. wedding planning was an interesting dilemma….good thing she decided to hire a wedding planner!! :)

Last and most important, I was very touched and emotional thinking about her feelings around her dad and him not being there through all of this. I know it’s really hard for her….luckily she has many people around her that love her and will walk her through this.

This is what Roger Castillo said about Episode 1 Season of Engagement

I had such a good time watching the premiere of “Shannen Says” last night at her house. It was really great to see everyone hanging out, enjoying and rehashing the experience we all shared together. I thought Shannen and Kurt were very true to themselves, and I found the show to be very entertaining, real and struck all the right chords. I can’t wait until next week’s episode and the rest of the season for that matter.

I had just returned from my honeymoon the day before the dinner party that you all saw towards the end of the episode, (I was recently married last June) so I was still in vacation mode, perhaps explaining why I seemed a bit smashed.

Dinner parties like that are always a lot of fun because they are kind of like roasts in a way. You are able to find opportunities to expose some of your friendship’s hidden little secrets. Since so much time has passed you finally feel comfortable letting the “cat out of the bag”, like when I revealed me and Shannen’s old ritual of “doing late-night drive-bys” where we would check and see if our significant others were really at home like they said they were. (And yes, we have been caught a few times too.)