my few trivia questions( warning:big post: eyshore

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my few trivia questions( warning:big post: eyshore

Postby bibi » Wed Sep 08, 2004 8:52 pm

i ve posted this one once before but no one would notice's a big post...please don't be mad at me...i wish i could remove it and bring it here at first place. here my post goes: Image Image Image

wow thank you guys, you welcomed me with really open arms.
About what matt said about me avoiding to ask why shannen left charmed etc, i gotta say that i had no itention to do so for a simple reason. i think we should all treat our favourite actors and actresses and singers with the aspect of how good they are at their job. i don't care about the rumours that tend to surround the stars after their leaving a tv show that often include disagreements about the payments or personal conflicts with fellow actors. i am a little aware about what the tabloids write or how they can start a rumour and influence the whole universe with their scandalous story. i just don't mind worrying my mind over trying to find a bases on all of them. so my life is a little more stressed than my best friends who are fanatic readers of tabloids and stuff....well i am gonna leave this subject, i hope i made specially clear that i am not interested about bitchy prying rumours. i just wanna be kinda filled in with info about shannen who i thing showed her talent and potential by participating in lots of productions
Too shame that here in Greece only a few of her appearances have been aired in our tvs.this collection include: beverly hills, charmed and scare tactics( hillarious show by the way.....shannen has made such a fun of the victims of the jokes that i couldn't help thinking how on earth she has come up with those lines lol) I am also aware of some of her movies although haven't seen one or i am suspicious of seeing one and sure i have seen one but never actualling noticing her........ i am talking about a movie called sth like jay and silent bob strike back or sth with ali larter and eliza dushku and it's been a long time since i saw it so could you please tell if shannen took part in it and what role she was playing And remember that i said sth about bluring memories of beverly hills cause i was only 2 years old and could bear faces and names in my mind?well the episodes were shown in around 1992 or later over here but i still struggled to bring to my mind her face and i think i finally did and all i remember is her being some kind of "manhanter" that every boy kept dumbing and friends of my brother talking about some t shirt that had come out with a "i hate brenda" sign on it....and i think i ve got an image at the back of my head with her and a handsome guy with very short hair(i can't remember his name...he was one of the leading actors anyway). they were sitting in the common cafeteris on a table...they had some talking and then she cried and the he left a ring(probably an engagement ring) on the table and left....i don't know if you can bring back this cut in your head...that's all i got along with the gang gathered in the apartment screaming "you b***h you haven't left a sinlge guy than your brother without having a relationship with and they all dumbed you"and this must have been a confusion to you guys...i hope i made you understand what scene i am talking about and tell me she was shannen's part in the show. i also remember that after the hills finished airing there was some kind of "spin-off"movie that had nothing to do with the show plot but had this woman( maybe shannen) and the handsome guy of the scene i described you above... and i think it's a tv movie never got in theaters and its plot was about her being violated and no one believing her not even the guy he love at first( the handsome one) and i know the movie title very well but it was in greek ( "alone against the lie") but i am sure it's got a different one in english...

those are my queries that have been killing me since i first notice shannen in scare tactics this summer and realised how great she is,of course she is beautiful too no doubt about this one. i then realised that she was also in the show "charmed"that has been airing since 1999 over here and all my friends were talking about was this show in the school breaks!! and at that time i used to tell them "get a life, study your homework, don't sit around watching witches for crying out loud"! but there were time when i had nothing to do and got caught up with the charmed....but that was scarcely...then rose mcgoan appeared( which i loved from scream my favourite scary movie trilogy) and then started being a serious piece of audience of it....funnny huh.... the best part is that for the past 3 weeks i have been watching all of the episodes with shannes thanks to my maniac-with-charmed friend of mine who gave me the tapes and know all i do before the school starts is watching the charmed...i haven't gone blind yet if that's what you should assume right now. my opinion of charmed is that it's a very wellwriten show and the plot in every episode is unique and fabulous.

as for some personal info about me i am good student mostly carying about physics and literature, i LOVE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND AMERICAN LIFESTYLE so much that i always wish english was my mother tongue and i was living in us or canada or at least england...somewhere that everyone speaks english. my love for english has lead mine "obsession" for movies of any kind but especially horror ones or comedies( my fav ones are : scream trilogy, resident evil, identity,parent trap,freaky friday, blue crush, swat, tomb raider( 1,2), the fast and the furious and its sequel, all of teen american movies that involve college and high school like van wilder with ryan reynolds,mean girls, american pie( 1,2)) it's too shame i can't watch shannen's sitcom cause here they won't bring it i assume.....i am just glad they show "friends" and i ve purchased lots of dvds of them and i ve got video recorded all their episodes until the 9th season on my vcr.

my hobbies are driving cars( illegally yet cause the age limit for driving license over here is above 18), oh i love cars, playing basketball, i run at track n field as an amateur yet.....oh i am also an actress playing in theater productions and i started doing this couple of years ago cause then my dream was of become a director in films and shows, i am not sure if this is my dream any more, but i thing an acting unprofessional( i mean a s hobby) preoccupation is sth really good. Oh and i am also able of discussing even serious issues i think even though i am young..(I HOPE i am not the youngest fan over here right??)

i don't know what else to say...i hope i haven't blinded you with my bumbling and for you heroes who bothered to finish reading my whole post, please answer my questions so somethings become clean to my head.... thanks anyway

lots of kisses xxxx
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