Hey hey!!

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Hey hey!!

Postby cherrybomb2010 » Wed Apr 13, 2011 3:53 am

Well I forgot to dO this in the beginning so let me introduce myself!! Hello I am Catherine Elaine Natalia Stewart! I know a mouthful, but just call me Katie!! I am 19 years old, on July 20th I turn 20!!! I was born in San Fransico, CA! But I go to school in Tucson, AZ. I am a freshman at the University of AZ!! Go Wildcats!!!lol well anyways. I am a music major, studying for my PH.d in music education and masters in music performance. I can play the clarinet, the piano, the guitar, the trumpet, the voilin and other instruments. I am also going to be a drama major next semester. I'm in the pride of AZ which is the marching band!! Hell yeah!! My family life is quite interesting, my mother is from Russia and my father is from Scotland! I have two sisters younger and older. Older sister was born in Austria and younger was born in Mesa, AZ. I can speak some Russian, but normally my two languages I can speak are English and German. Fluent in both. Anyways yeah Im really liking this site and hope everyone a terrific Shannen DOherty day. And to MS Shannen DOherty happy happy birthday!!
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