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Help for flows in Balkans

PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2014 11:42 am
by irena75
I hope I would not brake any kind of rule about this statement but I live verry close to the kalamity on Balkans mine home town is only 500 km from Obrenovac and Belgrade I ask for help we are in shock. I have family there. Please help with anything you want dipers, food, close, drink water we NEVER HAVE CATASDTROPHE calam itySINCE MEMBER THE TIME MEASERU. Thanks site for helps govermetn on Serbia and Bosna and Herzegovina. We have wars, bombing, eartquekes, BUT THIS HIT THIS THEM MOST SINCE TIME BEGAN.
I`m Macedonian but Serbian people are little more proud to ask for help and to them this ask for help come from them its like how they go on streets and beg money even can work. Infrastructure, land is gone casulaty so far more over 27 and steel caunting. thou and who has watch some pratisan movies bridge on Kadinjaca near Uzice does not exist in real word. They are more devostation and devosttated they wiil tell you. MAMY GRANDMOTHER HASE A diary from her one grandmother and WE NEVER FIND RECORD for SUCH nature disastore. Also they need battery`s and thanks for now situation its under control but we can not control the nature. Thansk advance and sorry if I breac some rules here