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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 5:43 pm
by aloesmoothie
Hello Everyone! I am new here. I always loved Shannen, and feel real bad about her disease. Please let her know, that I am here for her. I have been growing the miracle plant, for many years. Many non-believers may think, nature can not cure sickness. But if you use, this alternative medicine, god has given us, it will heal. One leaf a day, from a mature plant(3to5) year old , that I grow, in the sandy soul, hot climate, of south Florida. For 10 day intervals, 10 on,10 off. It has been around for several thousand years, but has been lost in time. Also, processing of the plant, medicinal value ,is diminished. My site is , where I send my "wands from heaven", to those in need. God Bless,Shannen. George Mastroni 5614002273 call anytime Marines 77-81