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Postby Linz » Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:56 pm

shaed412 wrote:I couldn't have said it better, Linds. I can not understand how Shannen isn't a bigger star than she already is in our eyes. She has such depth and range and a honest dedication to her craft. I can't say the same for other actors who have been perceived in a bigger light. I am grateful that Shannen has so many devoted fans. I hope one day to have her star in one of my screenplays. I am working on one right now, and also writing the book for the same movie. I don't know that my screenplays would ever be worthy of her talents, but it makes it more fun to write when I think of her playing the roles. Anyways, went off topic. I really hope that she gets more recognition soon for all her hard work. I just adore her to pieces! I wanted to nominate her for a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, as she is more than deserving of that, but the person who nominates the star has to pay a crazy amount of money and I couldn't do it. Loved, "Suite 7: Company". Glad she did that!

:) I totally agree! Of course, we have been texting back and forth about this! lol. I would give her star if I could!! I think that she should get one, she deserves it! And yes.... a lot of other stars aren't like her, they don't give as much of themselves in their roles, or to their fans, and Shannen does each with her whole heart. It's her passion that makes her such an amazing actress! Obviously, we can all see that she gives her best in everything that she does!! Sabrina, I am working on stories too! I definitely think we can write things worthy of her talent! We know her depth and range as an actress, and we know that she is passionate about the work that she does. If we write, imagining her as the lead actress and as a certain character, than we can definitely write things worthy of her acting! :) Anyway... she definitely deserves many Oscars and a Star on the Walk of Fame. The Academy has some work to do!! lol.
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